Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 33 – Sequence 6: Hostile Negotiations – The Approach

It is time to move onto the final mission of this sequence. Head over to the next marker to learn what Johnson's plans are here. This means it is time to fast travel back to the Homestead and get the news from there. You will find Achilles at the starting point looking over the bay. He will tell Connor he may have chosen wrong to let Johnson get away. 6 months pass and the day comes when Achilles is proven right. Johnson got the money and is now negotiating with the elders of the tribe. Connor needs to head in and stop him. Switch to your map and fast travel out to the Frontier Homestead. That will get you close to the start point and ready to begin the mission itself. Once in the Frontier, just head to the South until you find the starting point of the mission.

Optional Objective:
Reach Johnson Undetected

To pull this one off requires Connor to keep a low profile throughout the area as he moves in toward Johnson. Head forward from the starting point to the V-branch in the tree in front of you. This will start Connor on a Tree Running Course that will help keep him undetected. From the V-branch jump to the right twice, onto the tall stumps. From there get over to the next tree and follow its branches onto a path for a while. Look and find the path that will lead Connor directly to the rock by the river.

From this rock, look at the opposite shore. Dive into the water and swim to the reeds on the right when the guard moves over to the left. From there, start a slow swim over to the shore where you can see a small enclave for Connor to hide in. Once again, wait for the guard to turn and look away. This time though Connor will need to climb out of the water and up the rocks to the right of his hidden position. Scramble up them and run past the crest of the hill to ensure he is not detected. Now just keep running up the slopes in front of him. Keep going until Connor finally reaches a fallen tree. Take the tree across to the left and start up climbing on its far end. Jump from there to the ledge in front of you then turn around and jump onto the next ledge.

Cross over the fallen tree, collecting the feather en route if you have not already, and scale the cliff nearby. From there turn to the right and start along the path there. Keep going until you round a corner and find a cliff face to climb. Do this part carefully as there is a sniper above you. Use the minimap to watch for when he moves then use that opening to climb up. You can either climb up the boulder to your left or enter into the stalking zone nearby. Either way, just wait for him to come back and kill him then. Now head along the path to the left from there. There is another guard looking over the canyon which you can kill, but there is nothing that compels you to. Continue along the path in front of you where you will find the start of a tree running course. Run up the tree and start into the course, through the 2 V-branches and the limb to the next V-branch and the level landing. Stop before making the next jump. There is a slow moving patrol near here that needs to be avoided. Hop over to the cliff edge and drop onto it. Now have Connor shimmy to the right and along the edge. You will put plenty of brush and trees between Connor and the patrol, making it simple to reach the stalking zone at the base of the V-branch tree. From there all you need to do is move from the stalking zone to the house to the South.

This has been the easy part. Time for the hard part to begin.