Assassin's Creed 3 – Club Challenges: The Boston Brawlers – Missions

Peter Bunyon
He is found in the Frontier in Troy's Wood Region, marked with the Boston Brawler icon on the main map. He is in a stable yard with 3 associates. From there talk with him to start the fight itself. Bunyon himself cannot be taken down with a Counter-kill, however his associates are quite susceptible to that. Take them down when they attack Connor. To get through to Bunyon himself use the Counter-disarm or throw to create an opening and follow it up with numerous attacks. He will push you away during some of your chains so be ready for it.

The Sailor
Head to New York and go for the next Boston Brawler marker in the Western part of New York. You will find him on his ship with 3 friends. Use Counter-kills to take out his friends then you move onto the sailor himself. The sailor will block normal attacks and is immune to the Counter-kill. He is susceptible to the Counter-disarm though. Use this to create the opening you need to start and finish him with a good pummeling.

The Smuggler
The Smuggler is found in the Northern part of Central Boston, once again marked with a Boston Brawlers icon. He starts with 3 associates to take down and then you can work him over a little. Once again, you need to use Counter-disarm and Counter-Throw to break his defense. Once you get him down to below half health he calls out for some help. A second smuggler and 2 associates appear for you to fight. Take down the associates then focus on the second smuggler.

The Stinger
This Brawlers is found out in the Frontier in the Diamond Basin to the East of the lake inside the region. He is marked with the Boston Brawlers icon. Head over there. He has 3 friends to help him out. Once again, start with his associates then focus in on the Stinger. He is susceptible to Counter-disarms so use that to create the opening Connor needs to pummel him. He, like the others can break your melee combo so be wary of it.

The Rope Beater
He is found in the Ropeyard near the docks in Eastern Boston. He is, of course, marked with the Boston Brawlers icon. Talk with him to start the fight. Immediately take down his associates so you can focus on the Rope Beater. He is only susceptible to Counter-throws. To take him down you need to throw him into barrels and tables until his health bar is depleted. There is a work bench nearby where you first encounter him. Just stand by it and Counter. Repeat until he falls over.

The Merchant
This Brawler is found in New York in the Northeast. You will find him inside a Windmill yard. Once again, talk with him to start the fight then it is onto taking out his associates. After that you can just focus on him. Once again use Counter-throw or Break Defense (for once) to get through his guard and take him down.

The Tournament
Now it is time for the Brawling Tournament itself. You need to head to the Old Brewery in Boston. It is to the East of the Docks. Once there just head under the fence and it will not be too long for you to find the rest. Now it is time to get through the Tournament itself. A few universal notes: The crowd will attack Connor if he gets to close to the edge, keep some distance. There are barrels in a few spots, these are great for when you need to plant someone's face into something.
Fight 1: Redcoat
He has 3 associates. He is susceptible to Disarms and Breaks. Just focus on this, even after he is given his sword. He will gain the sword once into the red for health. It does not take too much after that to finish him off though.

Fight 2: The Docker
Once again, 3 associates need to be dealt with first. While he does not get a sword he is decently tough. Just remember to Break Defense and use Counter-throws against the barrels on the side of the ring to create openings for yourself.

Fight 3: The Surgeon
Somehow, he drugs Connor just before the fight itself. The screen will be blurry, making it harder to see some of the fine details while he is losing health. The Surgeon still have 3 associates to help him out. Once again, take them out with a kill streak if possible then focus on him. As always, use throws and break defense to get the openings you need to get at the Surgeon quickly before Connor's health runs completely out.

Fight 4: The Huntress
On top of the usual 3 associates you have are fighting this lady who likes to use her smoke bombs. Any time one of them goes off, she and her twin are switching places. If you see one of them moving toward Connor, fall off from the fight briefly to avoid the stun of the smoke bomb. Once you take down the first, you will need to deal with the second Huntress as well. Just keep at it like you were with the first one. Break Defense and Counter-disarm/throw to get the openings you need to beat them and win the Tournament.