Assassin's Creed 3 – Forts: Fort Washington

Fort Washington

The forts act much like the strongholds of old. The thing is they have a much bigger impact on things than the Strongholds ever did. By conquering forts (and destroying a part of them) you reduce the taxes that convoys incur when they travel through the district that the fort occupies. This makes it very ideal to take down the 7 forts found in the game as soon as possible.

When it comes to conquering a fort there are 3 steps that need to be completed. Failure to do one of these 3 things will result in the fort being reset after Connor leaves the restricted area:
Kill the Fort Captain
Ignite the Powder Reserve
Lower the Flag

Getting into this fort is best done at night. Still, it can be done during the day time, just there are more guards to deal with. Be sure you have a good supply of trip mines and poison darts. The best approach here is done by slipping through the bay into the fort. This means Connor needs to swim out to the West of the Fort then slip in between the large ship and the dock. Swim along the left-hand side of the ship right up through the start of pier. Once you make it to the bow of the ship climb up carefully. Watch the area around you for the patrolling guard. Once he passes you by, dash for the fort wall in front of Connor between the second tent and the boxes by it, going up and over the fort wall using the boxes against to immediately perform a Leap of Faith into the Hay beyond the wall.

Once Connor is in the hay wait for the patrolling guards to come and go. Once they do, it is time to plant a pair of the trip mines. Head to the left and plant one by the barrel and rope. The second gets planted in front of the Powder Reserve. Now just wait for the patrol. They will trigger the mine which leads to a chain reaction that will destroy the powder reserves.

With the mines set climb up the powder reserve and up the wall behind it. Hide against the crates up there and wait for the patrol to pass beyond Connor. Once they do head West down the nearby stairs at a Fast Walk. At the bottom, press up against the nearby corner. Nail the nearby guard with a poison dart and just wait for the captain to come around. Hit him with a poison dart as well. This just leaves dealing with the flag.

Break from cover and head up the wall to Connor's left quickly. Assassinate the guard who has is back currently to Connor and then approach and lower the flag to complete this fort.