Assassin's Creed 3 – Forts: Fort St-Mathieu

Fort St-Mathieu

The forts act much like the strongholds of old. The thing is they have a much bigger impact on things than the Strongholds ever did. By conquering forts (and destroying a part of them) you reduce the taxes that convoys incur when they travel through the district that the fort occupies. This makes it very ideal to take down the 7 forts found in the game as soon as possible.

When it comes to conquering a fort there are 3 steps that need to be completed. Failure to do one of these 3 things will result in the fort being reset after Connor leaves the restricted area:
Kill the Fort Captain
Ignite the Powder Reserve
Lower the Flag

This fort is best approached during the daylight hours. Head in from the East (from the New York Fast Travel Point on the Frontier). Approach the fort from the tree line and head along the tree running course toward the cliff to the South. Stop there when you can see the guard. You can either pass him by, kill him, or with some luck and patience see him get attacked by a cougar. There are a lot of them in this area and they will attack the guards given the chance. If you want that achievement/trophy, this is a good place to shoot for it.

Once that one has been dealt with head out to the cliff start start climbing it to the left and up after the long slide down the slope beyond the guard. Make it up to the top of this cliff without being detected and Connor can simply kick the guard over the ledge. Turn left from there and head over to the V-branch in the tree nearby. Climb up into the tree then make your way over to the fort and the rooftop nearby. Do not worry about the guard to the left as he will not turn around. Move over to the side opposite where the crows where. Drop carefully into the hay cart below and wait for the guard to come nearby. Kill him from inside the hay cart and then wait there for a while to ensure the coast is clear.

After that head to the North for the next building and get up onto the roof. Now watch the courtyard on the opposite side as that is where the Captain is. When he gets close to the building you are on head over to the opposite side and hit him with a Poison dart. Duck back over and wait for him to die.

As you wait, head back to the hay cart on the ground. To the East you will find the powder reserve. Go interact with it. Once you do, turn around and climb up the wall to the left of the powder reserve. Once the timer runs down, lower the flag to complete this fort. Another fort down.