Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – Subject 16 Puzzles

Solutions For Puzzle #1

These are much improved over their original implementation. You can return to the puzzle at anytime through the Animus Menu. They are still tricky to figure out and find. They are now only visible through Eagle Vision. It takes a lot more tracking than it did previously. Still, they are interesting to deal with.

Picture Puzzle:
“Master All, They Did Not Work, But Ruled From On High”
Number the pictures 1 to 10 from left to right, starting with the top row. Select Pictures: 1,3,4,8 and 10

Chess Puzzle:
“Moving away from the Sovereign and his crossed brow, the people take two steps forward”
This one was easier. Move the White Pawn in front of the King (the piece on the center right) forward two steps.

Quarantine Zone
Move the Cursor into the upper right area of the screen. Use the beeping to track it. If you are still stuck, just use this picture:
Location of the activation marker in the Quararntine Zone