Assassin's Creed 3 – Club Challenges: The Hunting Society


As in previous Assassin's Creed games you will find there are various groups that can help Connor throughout the game. These are the new version of Faction Missions from your time as Ezio. It is time to take a look at what these challenges are from the different groups, when they are unlocked and what they give. These clubs can be joined after starting Sequence 5.

Hunt down and Skin an animal. A representative will then approach Connor when he is traveling on the frontier. After the initial conversation the first tier of challenges will be unlocked. Each of the successive challenges are unlocked when the previous ones are completed

*This is not always triggered at the start of Sequence 5. It may require leaving and re-entering the area.

Hunting Challenges Tier 1:
Reward: Unlocks Tier 2

Kill 5 Deer
Kill a Wolf
Skin 10 animals
Sell Hunting Spoils worth 500 pounds
Use bait with a snare to capture 5 animals
Kill a bear with the Hidden Blade

Hunting Challenges Tier 2:
Reward: Unlocks Tier 3

Stealth kill 5 animals using bait
Skin 25 animals
Kill 10 animals with the Hidden Blade
Capture 20 animals with the snare
Kill 15 animals with the bow

Hunting Challenges Tier 3
Reward: Memento at the Manor

Skin every species of animal
Kill 5 animals from horseback
Trade Hunting Spoils worth a total of 2,000 pounds
Kill 10 animals in close combat*
*(This challenge does not refer to melee combat but the quick-time events that occur when taking on hostile bears, wolves, wild cats or elk. It is only by getting the kills this way that they will count)
Complete the hunting map by skinning or finding clues related to all types of animals in each frontier hunting region and the Homestead
Collect 50 undamaged pelts