Assassin's Creed 3 – Captain Kidd's Treasure – Fort Wolcott

This Peg Leg Mission is available after collecting a single trinket.

Optional Objectives:
Perform 3 Ledge assassinations
Limit Health loss to 33%
Achieve a kill streak of 3

This mission starts with a massive climb upwards  It is best to head over to the right then start up. There are a lot more hand holds in that direction. Once you make it up to the area with windows then you want to head up as high as you can then head over to the left and start climbing up where the windows are. When you reach the top a soldier will move into position for a ledge assassination. Oblige him and send him plummeting downwards. Climb up to where he was now. This triggers a cutscene.

After that, move into a corner position, whistle to call over the guard and perform a corner assassination on him to get him out of the way. Head out around the corner and get ready to drop down and perform an air assassination. Head around to the side of the crates opposite the balconies. Now climb up  the pillar to the right along the back wall. Climb over to the right and get to the chest on the next ledge for £1,250. Now head through the door to the North. Head over to the crate that is ahead and climb upwards to the ledge. Climb up it and over to the left. Now stealth has become mandatory.

In this room with the rafters, head over to the left and take a perch on one of the immediate ones to the left. Wait here a moment for the guard below to move away from the hay cart just below you. Dive in when he does and just wait for him to return to assassinate him. Now remain in your hiding spot for a moment as there is a guard on the far end of the room. Wait for his back to be turned then you can perform a high profile assassination on him. Another option is to head over to the left and head behind on the wooden walls to perform a corner assassination by calling him over. Now head to the Northern end of the room and climb up the crate located to the left. Hang on the ledge there and wait for the guard to approach it. Climb up onto the railing and from there you can get your second ledge assassination. Now head up onto the balcony and head over to the left.

Head out onto the beam and look left. You see a second and a metal cauldron hanging from the ceiling. Jump out to the cauldron and go to the left on it. Perform a back eject from there and head around the next one the same way. It is from the third cauldron you need to perform the next back eject and from there just swing across from the beam to the open window and through the next one into the next building.

Head to the right and run to the opposite wall and climb up onto the windows. From there just head to the left along the windows. Back eject from the second window into the hall where the soldiers are hearing an address. Go straight forward and follow the beams, ignoring the soldiers below (though you can enjoy the speech). When you reach the stop, turn to the right and jump over to the chandeliers. Climb around one to the right then jump to the next one. Head to the far side of it and back eject through the window and continue through windows until you need to stop in the dormitory.

Once inside the dorms, head to just pat the third bed on the left to find a chest with £1,500. Head through the next open window to press on. Turn to the right from the shed you land on and jump over to the next ledge with a soldier on it. Assassinate him to complete the first optional objective. Head up onto the balcony and over to the left.

Inside the start of the prison you have 4 guards to kill. The first one is easy and calls for a corner assassination. Just wait at the corner until his compatriot has his back turned then assassinate him. Head back into the corner position, wait for the other soldier on this level to come by and whistle at him. He will head over to Connor and you can easily perform a second corner assassination. This just leaves 2 soldiers below. Head out around the the corner straight ahead then take the stairs down. These 2 have their backs to Connor and are very intent on that table in front of them. Before moving in on them turn left at the bottom of the stairs and head into the left and the first cell on that side. You will find a chest with  £2,000. Now silently approach the guards, assassinate them then head to the cell to your right. Turn on Eagle Vision to find the clue sitting on the bed (pile of dirt) to trigger a cutscene.

Time to start working on the escape but you have the Grenadier to deal with first. Perform 2 weapon swipes to pull him down then go in for the attack while he is on the ground to finish him quickly. The rafters will collapse but a new path will open in front of Connor. You now have 3 minutes to get out of this place (and complete the final 2 optional objectives). Head over to the right and climb up then follow the balcony for a moment. Head outside onto the roof and turn to the left around the corner. You will notice a free running point in front of you. Charge it and head up going over to the left.  Press on until you get back inside. Once Connor lands on a beam that collapses will you find the final fight of this area. There are 4 regulars and a Grenadier to deal with here. Wait for one of the regulars to attack you then chain that into a kill streak. You can easily achieve the kill streak on that alone (and one more) then move in on the Grenadier. Dispatch him with 2 break defenses then attacking him while down. If you do not pull it off, feel free to restart the checkpoint (it is just as the fight starts).

Now just go charging forward, mindful of the flames after the cutscene that followed the previous fight. Head forward through the door on the left then climb up onto the ramp on the right. Head up and over it, jumping from the height of it and landing at the base of the next ramp in the following room. Turn right and head up that ramp slowly going to the right. Head up the ramp that follows and turn to the left. Just run from there as it is a straight forward path that will lead Connor to a dive to escape the fort.