Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 46 – Sequence 10: Alternative Methods

Optional Objectives:
Use 2 guards as human shields
Tackle your target from the air

Head on over to the memory start by Fort George. This is not a long memory so it will be easy to retry if things go wrong somewhere for full synchronization. Follow Haytham after the cutscene sends through the burnout buildings and through the course as it is. Wind your way through the buildings. When needed, take a different route if you stray from Haytham's path. It is when you get to the burnt out church that you are close. After a cutscene things pick up.

Dive down into the fight and try to take at least 2 down in that initial strike to get a good start. Watch over to the right for the riflemen. They will fire periodically into the battle. Grab whoever is nearby and it will not be long before you complete the first of the optional objectives for this memory.

After that fight is another cutscene with Haytham tying up their captives. One manages to slip their bonds and Connor takes off after them. Immediately start sprinting ahead. Once you hit the street, hug to the right-hand side and keep running. This will delay the passing patrol from reacting to Connor until after he has rounded the corner. In the next square, run past the tree and over to the building. Run up the cart and across the hangings. From there you just need to be in high profile and wait for your target a few seconds. The moment you see the tackle option, use it.

If you do not care about that, just chase him down the alleyway and it is very easy to catch your man. Again, hug right but do not follow your target down the alleyway.

With that done head forward toward the man you just caught. Give him a push to get him started. You will need to do that periodically just to keep him moving. Just follow Haytham and it will not be long before you are at the marked location. Enjoy the cutscene and the memory comes to an end.