Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 45 – Sequence 9: A Bitter End

Once again, if you have not played at least some of the Naval Missions, do so. It will help you get a better understanding of the Aquila and give you the funds needed to upgrade her. That or sending out frequent Convoys (and occasionally defending them as needed). Once you are confident in your ability to handle her, it is time to start this the final mission of the Sequence.

Start by calling out for half sail to increase maneuverability and avoid collisions. Still, keep these times short as this is much more about speed. Use Half sail only to avoid collisions when you are in a tight spot. Once you make it to the green search zone is when things start to get interesting.

Optional Objective:
Limit Environmental damage to 20%
Stay within 500 meters of the schooner

It is not too hard if you have been practicing with the Aquila Naval missions. Start by swinging left and head through the opening in the island. Call for half sail as you start to make this maneuver easier to pull off. After that, call for full sail to cut the distance down. After this, it will be a lot of minor corrections to stay on the schooner's tail.

Be on the watch out for rogue winds. The moment the Aquila tilts and you are not turning is when you need to drop to half sail until the wind goes away. After that, get back to Full Sail and stay on the tail of your target. By only using burst of half sail it will be very easy to keep within 200 – 400 meters of the ship you are after.

Once the schooner ducks into the cliffs is when the first set of optional objectives will be completed. Keep up the chase and then it is time for naval combat. This can be done very quickly if you do things right. First, when prompted, use the ammo submenu to switch the cannons from ball to Chain shot. Next, switch to full sail and chase down the Man-O-War. Use the intervening time to shoot down the schooners and gunboats in the area. When you can get a broadside off against the Man-O-War, do so. At most it will take 2 to stop the ship and allow you to board it. Head close to the ship after taking out any remaining foes.

Optional Objective:
Achieve a minimum kill streak of 3

Once on the Man-O-War you need to rush toward the stern and get to the helm where the Officer and his cohorts are. Kill him then you can easily get a kill streak going to wipe out his nearby crewmen. After that just charge on forward through the rest of the ship and kill the 3 remaining officers.

After the next cutscene it is time to simply move forward. Head through the cargo hold to the door. Just wait outside to hear Haytham rant a bit. After that, go through the door to finish out the sequence. Just follow the prompt when offered and that will be that.