Assassin's Creed 3 – Leveling Up Homesteaders – Godfrey and Terry

Lumberers Level 2 (Sequence 5)
Burglar on the Homestead

Approach the quest marker near the Lumberer's cabin. You will find it is one of their wives calling out for help. Head over and talk with her. She will alert Connor to a Thief who is trying to get into the house. Run for the marker and then give chase after the thief. Set into the Tree Running Course if possible to quickly cut across the river. From there, chase the thief as best you can. If he makes it into the canyon, that is perfect. Run up the lefthand wall of it and chase him from there. It will not be long before you are given the opportunity to assassinate him and remove the threat.

Lumberers Level 3 (Sequence 5)
The Fight

Approach the quest marker near Godfrey and Terry's. The children will come out and tell Connor that Godfrey and Terry are fighting. Once you accept the mission the children will lead you to the place the two brothers are quarreling. Follow carefully as the children move more slowly than Connor can. There you will find the two duking it out. This puts an interesting action into play. You need to use both thumbsticks to push the boys apart. To do this you need to move the cursor onto the sliding bar on the line. Slowly you need to get both into the green to get the 2 men to stop going at each other. It takes some time to get them apart as it is not easy to watch both bars at once. Move the thumbsticks slowly outward from the center and that should help keep them apart. Just keep at it until you get both bars to vanish from the line. At this point Connor will be able to intervene properly and stop the brothers from fighting.

Now head to the left and toward the marker nearby. You will find one other brothers, Terry. Talk with him then head to the second marker to the North to talk with Godfrey. He explains things about Terry and how this is a normal thing that happens.

Level 4 (Sequence 6)
Bowls Beginner

The two talk about how it is normal for them to have these fight but they always work it out in the end. From there  they introduce Connor to Bowls. This part is very simple with the instructions given to you. This game is just for fun. You will get full synchronization regardless if you win or loss the game. Just have some fun with this game and do not worry about it. This will complete the Homestead Quest for Godfrey and Terry.