Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 12 – Sequence 3: Unconvinced

Pull up your map after Kenway has the conversation with Lee. Your team is not convinced that his plan of freeing the natives even worked. Kenway needs to find a way to make it much more obvious and gain the support of the tribe. Look to the Southern part of Boston. There you will find a Fast Travel Point you can use to instantly teleport to the edge of town and get out to the Frontier.

Once you make it to that point Lee will point out where he has heard the woman was last seen. From the Frontier starting point, it is to the Northwest. Begin the trek over there.  Begin the trek on the road. Kenway is slowed by deeper patches of snow so it takes longer to get through some places. You will tranverse through Lexington to the Scotch Plains a few times along the road.

When you make it out to the marker you will find Lee waiting with a pair of horses. It is time to track down this woman and see what can be done to convince the tribe that Kenway and his team want to help them.

Begin the mission and Lee will tell him that he has found the woman. She has made camp nearby. Kenway is pleased and tells him he wants to finish this soon so they can get out of the cold. As the pair of them ride for the camp, Lee tells Kenway that his Commanding Officer wants him to return to his full service and stop working for Kenway. Kenway agrees to this as they took Pitcairn and greatly shamed him as well. They arrived shortly after at the camp.

They are too late to meet her there. Kenway notes that it is very recent that the fire was put out. This means there is some tracking to be done. Turn to the North where you see a plowed path in the snow. To keep the best speed, keep to the plowed path. Head into the trees above and keep to the path that winds through. Just keep following it for all its turns. Kenway will find the woman he is looking for at the end of it.

As Kenway approaches he tells Lee to hold. A pack of wolves that moving toward the woman. Lee fires his pistol to kill one of the wolves but the woman does not notice that. She takes to running. Kenway calls after her but is left with no choice but to chase after her.

Follow her on the ground as there is no clear path up into the trees for Kenway to take. Keep on her trail as best you can and keep close. Things do not get any better. Kenway will eventually find a small camp. When he makes it into it a cutscene runs.

Kenway is now under attack by 3 wolves.
Optional Objective: Lose less than 50% health

This serves as an introduction to the Quick Time events that are used to fight these creatures in close combat. At best you only need to hit 2 buttons to make it through. The first is the most important as the wolf will begin to savage Kenway and you will either die or fail the optional objective. It is that simple.

Once the wolves are slain turn and search the trees for a watchpost to the West. Approach it and the woman will reveal herself and resume running. Keep up with her and follow her into the shallow ravine to the West. Once there she will stop running. Be careful as there are wolves in the area that will attack Kenway on sight. Just press forward and she will actually stop running and finally talk with Kenway. She will admit to having seen such markings. When the scene is over head up the rocks to Ziio.