Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 5 – Sequence 2: Johnson's Errand

Optional Objectives:
A – Kill 10 Mercenaries with Firearms
B – Do not let Hickey or Lee lose more than half of their health

It is time to get to work on helping out Hickey. From the start head over to the left toward the marker. You will see the marker in world as well. Head over to Thomas and talk with him to start the mission itself. Follow the prompt to shoot the mercenary who is on the wall. After that, start running up the slope toward where he was. Loot the body for some money and to get the bullet back. Now head to the left and around the crates. There you will find the musket you have been told to locate.

Head over to the edge of the mound you are on. Look down and then use the Musket to kill one of the bandits. Have Kenway drop the musket and dash back to the collection of muskets. This is much faster than any reloading Kenway could manage on his own. There are 4 men down there and you can easily get most of them as bullet kills. Once that group has been dispatched turn to the right. There are 6 men there engaged in target practice. Start this off with a musket/pistol kill then get Kenway into the thick of the fighting and kill them all as quickly as possible.

Having defeated them the rest of the bandits will retreat behind their wall into their store area. Time for some practice with the aiming system. Hold down the prompted button and Kenway will focus his aim on a single point. Now you can pick off the man up top and reload your pistol after that or just look to the left of the door. There you will notice a wagon and numerous barrels strewn in front of it. Aim at one of the barrels on the ground and let a bullet fly at them.

Once the gate has been cleared you will find numerous bodies. You can loot them to get more shot and powder if needed. Just head forward and to the right after that. You will find the chest you are after there.

Now a cutscene runs where the head of the bandits will make their presence known. Kenway and him have a stand off. Once the cutscene ends, fire on him and his 2 accomplices. Kill all of them and your party will lay claim to the chest you are after.

Head on out of the compound and toward the farm land. As Kenway and the other makes it out you will find yourself under attack again. This time there are 5 men coming after the 3 of you. Start with another pistol kill then just use the counter-kill system to wipe out the men quickly.

Head further into the farm land and you will be attacked by 2 more men. Above you 2 men will be firing from the rooftop down on the group. To take them out you need to find a pair of muskets and kill them with a single shot each. You will find the muskets you need on the bodies of the men you just killed. It takes some time to get used to the precision aiming and your opponents are horrible shots. Take your time and pick them off.

After that head forward with Hickey and Lee. It will not be long before the party falls under assault again. Once again start with a pistol kill then charge into the melee. You need to kill the 4 men on the ground then it is time to turn your attention to the 2 men on the nearby roof. Kill them with muskets then turn your attention to the next roof. There are 2 more bandits that need to be killed. Once again, use the muskets dropped for some quick kills. That should more than complete the optional objectives. Head to the marker to finish out this segment of Sequence 2.