Assassin's Creed 3 – Forts: Fort Hill

Fort Hill

The forts act much like the strongholds of old. The thing is they have a much bigger impact on things than the Strongholds ever did. By conquering forts (and destroying a part of them) you reduce the taxes that convoys incur when they travel through the district that the fort occupies. This makes it very ideal to take down the 7 forts found in the game as soon as possible.

When it comes to conquering a fort there are 3 steps that need to be completed. Failure to do one of these 3 things will result in the fort being reset after Connor leaves the restricted area:
1) Kill the Fort Captain
2) Ignite the Powder Reserve
3) Lower the Flag

Fort Hill
This is the fort found in Boston Central. It is not too long or hard to get through thankfully. It is suggested that Connor has at least 3 Poison Darts on hand before he attempts to deal with this fort. Now, it is time to take over the fort.

Head to the Northwestern entrance of the fort. Stay out of the surrounding restricted area as long as possible so Connor can get into position undetected. Hug the fort's wall and take up a position at the corner, looking down on the 2 red coats standing by the entrance. One will eventually move away on a short patrol. Equip the poison dart and when the red coat stops, hit him with it. Repeat it on his friend and then slip through the door that they were guarding. If you cannot get the darts to work properly you can engage the soldiers here. It will draw out the 2 inside the first room of the fort, making the following part easier.

Once inside the fort move at a fast walk, but no sprinting for now. There are 2 more Red Coats up ahead but first go to the left. There you will find a chest that is locked, and guarded by 2 guards. Have Connor pick it to get some nice loot (£7500). Now head to the left and up the next set of stairs into the courtyard of the Fort itself.

Pause at the very top and by the doorway out to the courtyard. Take a position on the corner, equip the hidden blade and whistle. There is a guard nearby you can call over and perform a corner assassination on. Now move into the nearby stalking zone. There you may see a Red Coat working on something nearby (this soldier is only present during the day) and another assassination is to follow, if present.

Now head around the crates to the right, duck into the nearby stalking zone and then duck into the hay cart opposite them. All this needs to be done when the guard is looking away. If you draw any attention, duck behind the crates and then into the stalking zone. This will break line of sight and set things up for an easy assassination on the guard that spotted you. If you make it into the Hay Cart after killing the guard, then you do not need to worry about the guard. Otherwise, assassinate him from the Hay Cart.

Now it is time to work on the Captain, the Powder Reserve and the Flag, all in very short order. Move from the Hay cart. Exit the Hay Cart to the Northeast and slip into the stalking zone there, to the left of the Powder Reserve. Look up and to the left and you will spot the captain of the fort. Arm yourself with the Poison Darts and wait for him to get in range of them. Once he is, hit him with a Dart then quickly move over to the Powder Reserve and set the time. Now head to the South and to the base of the flag. When the reserves blow, lower the flag to instantly deal with all the red coats.

There is a chance the captain can glitch and be locked into place. If this happens, move to the closer stalking zone to get the Captain's attention. He will come to investigate and you can either poison or assassinate him.