Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 26 – Sequence 5: Training Begins

Head over to the Eastern side of the Port and to the hut there. You will find Achilles waiting to talk to you there. This time you can easily get over there using the bay as a nice shortcut. Here you will get an interesting cutscene. The Aquila is now presented to Connor,  “The Ghost of the Northern Seas”. After hearing that the ship largely just needs lumber Connor is free to return to the Manor in Davenport. Once there another cutscene begins. This allows Connor to gain access to the ledger. This will allow him to start using it in full. Time for a tutorial.

1 – Stockpile: Allows Connor to purchase items from Homesteaders and displays currently owned items.
Ex. 1: Godfrey & Terry have lumber available for £8 each. Purchase a bunch of it.

2 – Convoy: Allows trading with merchants (this is the third option but the second item covered in the tutorial)
Ex. 2 Press prompted button to put the oak lumber into the convoy. Select it as a resource then choose the merchant it is bound for. Confirm this and it will see. After that, hit “Triangle”/“Y” to send the convoy off.

Crafting: Allow Connor to make new items either using an existing recipe or experimenting with a resource and an Artisan. This is not covered in the tutorial. This is how many recipes can be unlocked over time.

After a cutscene and a bit of dialogue, Connor can now call his horse with his whistle. This is a great boon for getting around wherever you want to go. The main difference from the previous games is that you must select the horse whistle to call on your steed opposed to it being simply an option that can be used.

Now you can either head over to the Harbormaster to continue the main story or head to just past the bridge for a conversation with 2 of the homesteaders: Catherine and Diana (the wives of the Lumberers). It is a funny conversation and worth hearing if you enjoyed listening to Godfrey and Terry.

Once you make it to the Harbormaster's, just head over to the marked man on the pier behind you and talk with him. This will start the next mission, “The Hard Way.”