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    In juxtaposing “Fantomina” by Eliza Haywood to the standards set by Samuel Johnson in his essay, “Rambler #4”, which focused on the genre “Fiction”, one will find an interesting agreement emerge between the two. While fiction, “Fantomina” deviates from the common practices of the era, but alludes to them as though to give credibility with the familiar market. In doing so though, Haywood better meets the standards laid out by Johnson in his essay.

    A short example of morphological analysis, breaking down new words in the English language, examining their roots and what means were used to originate them.

    Srinivasa Ramanujan: Numerical Imagination

    Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) was one of India’s greatest mathematical figures. He was a child prodigy, with a natural instinct for mathematics. As though he could see how everything comes together. He was particularly interested in modular functions and number theory.

    In this essay I will write about a mathematician, a rabbi, a philosopher, a poet, a linguist and an astronomer. No, this essay is not about a big group of people, but rather one very intriguing figure, Abraham Ibn Ezra, who excelled in all the above listed professions. And while this essay will focus mostly on his works in the field of mathematics, there is a connection between all the above fields of study, and this mixture which Ibn Ezra had in him affected how he viewed the field of mathematics.

    This essay will discuss the safety issues concerning children using blogging and social networking websites which have become increasingly popular. The consequences of children browsing the internet has long been a controversial issue, however, as I will show, with Blogging and Social networking sites those issues rise a step further because of the nature of those sites and the information posted on them. I take a particularly close look at which has grown exponentially over the last year and has practically become a phenomenon with over 60 Million registered users, most of them teens. There is a lot of controversy about safety issues of children/teens using MySpace.

    An Essay examining connections between the plays Cloud 9, Major Barbara and the modern age.

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