Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 43 – Sequence 9: Missing Supplies

Connor and Achilles have a big disagreement to be settled and Connor leaves the Homestead. The sequence begins with him out on the Frontier heading for George Washington who is found in the opposite corner of the Frontier. After your talk with him at the initial location head to the Northwest. You will find find in front of his house. Talk with him more to make progress with the Frontiersmen challenge. Once you cannot talk with him any more then it is time to set out on the mission itself and investigate this Benjamin Church and attend to the stolen supplies.

Head to the Southeast of the camp and seek out the marked abandoned building. Head inside once you make it there. A cutscene runs between Haytham and Connor. The two have something to say to each other which seems a bit odd but it does seem to add up enough to be believable. The two get along as well as expected.

Once things settle down, head on out of the abandoned building and start to the first clue nearby. This will spawn a second and narrow the search area. Head to the South. There is a large Red Coat Patrol in this area so be careful. Keep to the path and you will find a number more clues to follow which further narrows the search area. Head East from there toward the smaller search area. Just continue along it until you find a man off to the side of the road working on a cart. This will set up the next part of the memory.

Optional Objective:
Catch the Cart Driver within 30 seconds

This is slightly trickier than just running him down. Keep to the cleared path and you will have no problem at all of making it in time. If you cross the path of the Red Coat patrol, do not worry, likely you can catch the man before the patrol can act against you. This is the easy one of the memory. Just enjoy the cutscene after.

From there it is time to head North. You will find the convoy and the next part of the memory.
Optional Objective:
Do not hide in the Hay Cart while following the convoy.

If you do not care about the objective, then just hop into the hay cart and be done with it. Other wise head over to the left and climb up onto the rocks. Connor will be eavesdropping and he sets into the tree running course above the convoy. Take care not to fall as that eavesdropping is crucial to getting the memory to move forward. Once you see a hunting blind to the left, head for it and move along the tops of the trees and dive into the nearby hay stack. There is a guard there. Assassinate him from the hay stack and that will move events forward. Do it quickly before things all fuzz out because of the distance to the hay cart.

Optional Objective:
Kill 3 camp guards without being detected

When the scene resumes you are in the hay cart. Wait in there until the guard finally makes his way back there. Kill him from the hay and then move out to the rear of the cart. From from the cart quickly into the stalking zone ahead without alerting the driver and his companion. Move from there to the empty house in front of the stalking zone. Go to the front of the house and stand to the left of the door. Wait for the cart driver and company to move on then move up and kill the guard who is just outside the house you are presently hiding in. Be sure to stand to the left of the man to ensure that his body falls the right way to remain out of sight. Now wait behind the crates for the two talking to move on. After that close the gap between you and the next guard and assassinate him as well. After that quickly move forward into the nearby stalking zone. Cross over to the right and just wait for the next scene to begin. It is after that this memory comes to a gory conclusion with Connor needing to kill 13 mercenaries quickly. Mix up tactics as needed but a kill streak helps a lot. That will finish this memory and bring on the next one. There is a handy pause here which can be used for some of the side quests.