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Once you find a village, it's time to start using it.

As you take your first steps into Cubeworld, prepare to experience a not-yet-game of some rather charming nature.

Customization is unfortunately a bit limited in Cubeworld so far.

This short informational provides what you need to know to make your first character in Cubeworld and start out for adventure.

The current systems for Cubeworld are very basic, and it currently isn't so much a game as a framework for one- so it remains to be seen exactly where this game winds up going.

The basic aesthetics and interactions of Cubeworld are pretty straightforward.

And you thought Minecraft was blocky.

Dragging yourself up the final steps to the control chamber, brace yourself and your pockets full of heavy, golden metal, and Press!  Ze button!

No, no I can't manage to avoid the puns.

You'll live, trust me.

The last of the Falmer you'll encounter normally will soon be in your grip- or bleeding at the end of your blade.

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