Assassin's Creed 3 – Leveling Up Homesteader: Big Dave, Father Timothy

The Proper Tools (Sequence 9)
Once you have completed Raw Materials then this mission will open up in the next sequence. You need to head to New York to gather the parts needed for the tools themselves. This is a very quick and easy mission, if travel intense. Head to the Eastern General Store and you will be able to find Ebony Hammer Handle and Hardened Steel Hammer Head. These are ted to the Citizen Mission category so be wary there is some extra work in store to get them.

An Eye for Trouble (Sequence 9)
You will find a Homestead mission behind the Mile's End Tavern with Big Dave and Oliver holding a Red Coat captive. Interact with them to learn more of what is going on here. Once you can, immediately start running toward the Fleeing Scout. You can either run him down or take a moment and just shoot him with your pistol or an arrow. Now return to Big Dave and Oliver. This will finish this brief memory.

The Comeback (Sequence 10)
Head over to the gathering that Big Dave has mustered nearby his shop. From there interact with the gathered homesteaders to begin the mission itself. Follow Big Dave around to the backside of his shop where he shows Connor a number of Powder Kegs he has collected. He explains that they are intended to make an ambush against the Red Coats. There are to be 2 groups and both of a fair size. The best thing to do is grab a keg bring it to the road where everyone is staked out and place it at the intersection. Take aim at it and when the troop comes through fire on it. It will wipe out the whole unit. If you are quick, you can run back to the kegs, grab a second and repeat. Otherwise, you will need to fight through the second unit. It is nothing too hard, it just takes a moment. Watch out for everyone's health as some people are better at finding trouble then others.

Father Timothy
The Wedding (Sequence 9)
Approach Norris who stands in front of the church to trigger the start of this mission. He runs at Connor and winds up on the ground to tell him that Myriam said “Yes.” After that, walk with Father Timothy to learn what Connor's role in this wedding is to be.

The scene jumps forward a few days. Have Connor head up the stairs and into the manor. By the stairs leading up you will find Norris. He is worried as he cannot find Myriam around the area. After a quick talk Connor tells Norris that he is going to find Myriam for him. Head up the stairs and through the door on the left. You will notice the balcony door is open. Head on over there. On the opposite side of the table you will find the first clue, Myriam's flowers. Next head to the Southeast corner of the room and look between the 2 chairs. There you will find the second clue.

Head on out of the manor to the Northwest and onto the nearby tree running course. Continue from there to the Northwest over to Myriam's house. You will enter a green search area. Immediately head for her hunting blind and start climbing upwards. Alternatively, just stay on the ground and follow her through the first chase. Just keep up with her and it will end when Connor and Myriam reach the stream. It is a short chase and if you do not catch up with her immediately you can hear what they have to say to each other. After the cutscene wedding all that is left is to talk with a few people to finish things up. Talk with Big Dave and Ellen. After that talk with the Lumberers and their wives. That will complete this with a final cutscene.