Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 7 – Sequence 2: The Surgeon: The Warehouse

Optional Objective:
Remain undetected during the Warehouse infiltration

With the eavesdropping completed it is time to work on rescuing Benjamin Church before anything too bad happens to him. To do this Kenway must head to the over to the Northeast and into the restricted area there. Now you will have 2 options. The first has you sneaking in and holding to the second optional objective. The other is to throw caution to the wind and just fight your way in.

For those stealth minded, head over to the restricted area and take to the rooftops. This puts you in a good position to scout the area and learn just where the patrols are going. There is a single guard by the warehouse door you need to deal with. There is also a patrol in the nearby area. Wait for the patrol to pass by, give them a couple extra seconds. Now you can either continue on the rooftops over to the warehouse door or drop to the ground on the Southern side of the house, take out the solitary guard by the tree then head around the warehouse at a fast walk to get to the door.

The door is locked so Kenway must find the person with the proper key. There are 3 potential pickpocketing targets. 2 are surrounded by people, but the one to the West, on the rooftop is not. Head over to him and you can either properly pick his pockets or just knock him out and loot the body.

You can get there by dashing to the West and climbing up the nearby building or using the free running course to the right of the building there. Either way you will end up on a ladder leading to the roof this guard leader is on. If you creep up while the shed is in the way of his sight or his back is to you, you can easily slip behind the shed, wait for him to reach the next pause in his patrol and knock him out. After that just loot the body to the key you need. Now turn around and head back to Lee.

Kenway will automatically enter into a cutscene that lets you into the warehouse. Once inside you will see Silas and Cutter at work on Church. You need to quickly remedy things there so Church is not too badly cut up. Thankfully, Cutter loves to talk. Quietly approach one of the 2 guards, preferably the one on the left. The Hidden Blade is automatically equipped so use it on the guard. Lee will take out the other guard. Now advance on Cutter and take him down with the Hidden Blade as well. This will finish matters up here for this memory.