Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 48 – Sequence 10: The Battle of Monmouth

Optional Objective:
Neutralize 8 platoons with a single cannonball
Kill 2 platoons with a single cannonball
Prevent 3 patriot executions

Head to the Harbormaster down in the Southern part of the Frontier. This puts Connor just a short run to the start of the next memory. After a little speech it is time to start firing off the cannon. This can take some time to get right but taking a little extra time each shot will help a lot. Your group must survive through the 3 minute timer you are given.

First, fire a little in advance of any troop coming at your position. Any time you see a platoon with a red hexagon above them, they are firing on your position and killing your men. Stop them immediately.  The platoons come at your position from the left-hand side, the left side of the road, the right side of the road and the right-hand side. It is very easy to monitor the first 3 but harder to see those on the right-hand side. Periodically just sweep your view over there to ensure it is clear.

For those who are after both optional objectives: If 2 happen to be next to each other, perfect. Fire a cannonball between them and both groups should go down quickly. This is easiest to do with the groups that come down the road as they are the closest together space-wise. Just keep firing and after a time or two you should easily be able to make it the full 3 minutes.

Once you make it through the first part of the battle, it is time to retreat. However, the final optional objective is introduced. There are 3 executions to stop and most are on the way to begin with. Just after you pass the general store and cross the bridge, look to the left to find the first. Use your pistol to start the first as you advance. Use Counter-Kills and a kill streak to obliterate the firing line quickly. After that, head for the next marker in the series.

Take a moment and call your horse for the speed boost it offers. Follow the path after the second to find the second execution. Jump from the horse or fire into the next firing line to save the second patriot. Once again, use a kill streak to quickly wipe out your opponents. Remount and resume your trek toward the next marker. The final execution is only a little past the second one. As soon as Connor clears the corn field on his right you will find it. Once again, dive into the fight with an assassination or a bulletshot. Counter-Kill and kill streak through them then remount and make for the final marker. Just head up the hill to finish this memory and the sequence.