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    A series of articles covering Seiken Densetsu 3. This part introduces Hawk (Hawkeye) and gives a walkthrough for his opening.

    A series of articles to cover Seiken Densetsu 3, aka Secret of Mana 2. This part covers Kevin's classes, spells and his introductory stage.

    Mega Man X3 was the first one to be released on multiple platforms. It offers a few innovations over the previous entry.

    Mega Man X2 offers a few upgrades over the original, but all solid material. Read about one of the great Mega Man X games.

    Samus returns to hunt the Space Pirates once again who have returned to the planet Zebes with the infamous Mother Brain. A review of one of the best Metroid games.

    Mega Man X introduced as whole new series on the SNES.

    THE defining futuristic racing game.

    I've told you about the game, now I give you my facts and reasoning. A good look at the lost Secret of Mana game that never made it over to the states.

    Ever heard about Seiken Densetsu 3? What about Secret of Mana? Hear how they're related and learn a bit about it.

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