WonderCon 2011

Articles about and from WonderCon 2011

    An interview with the creative team behind the upcoming app game, High Flyer Death Defyer.

    The panel on the coming sixth season of Doctor Who. With hints about the first few episodes and their titles.

    An article about the panel on the upcoming movie "Priest". It features the original series creator, the director and a number of the stars from the movie itself.

    An article on the panel about the coming movie "Hanna", featuring director Joe Wright and actress Saoirse Ronan.

    An article on the panel hosted on the new re-imagining of the classic "The Three Musketeers". This is the first one in 3D.

    Our coverage of WonderCon continues with the Green Lantern Movie panel. With the lead performers, Ryan Renyolds and Blake Lively with Geoff Jones, the current lead writer for Green Lantern, it was a panel to attend.

    Covering the panel hosted on MMORPG's, their impact and the future they may represent.

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