Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 39 – Sequence 8: Something on the Side

Once this sequence is started you must play through 4 missions before you can return to sidequests, the homestead or your assassin recruits. Once you complete the first 4 missions, then the rest of New York will open up and you can return to the wanderings. All that aside it is time to turn toward stopping the pending assassination attempt on George Washington.

Move forward to the horse and mount up. Talk with your guide and he will explain things about his own choices. After that, Connor will ask after his new target, Thomas Hickey. Follow him through the city until another cutscene runs.

On the other side of the cutscene you need to start following the counterfeiter. Immediately either go to a corner or blend with the crowd to the right. Wait for him to go around the corner then continue your pursuit.

Once you turn the corner blend into the crowd on the right-hand side of the entrance of the alley. The counterfeiter will stop and look behind him and only by using the roof, the crowd in the alley or a lucky corner, will you avoid detection. After that, move forward through the rest of the alley and into the crowd to the left of the next alley entrance that the counterfeiter goes into. Wait there as there is going to be a fight and it is better to not get involved. Once you see your target shove his aggressor then things are ready. Wait for him to pass by Connor then turn around and head for the next corner on the left. His will head down this alley and you can tail him easily, using Fast Walk, until Connor comes to the Wooden Fence. Take up the corner of the fence as just after the target clears it, he will turn and look behind him.

When your target starts moving again, follow him once again at a fast walk. Keep up with him until he reaches the small set of stairs.

Optional Objective:
Perform a successfully static eavesdrop

You need to be careful here as there are 2 guards who will likely head into you. This means you needs to take care of them quickly. If your eavesdrop gets interrupted by fighting it is very likely to fail and you are best off immediately reloading the last check point. This will complete the first of the optional objectives. Follow him through the streets. Once you make it to wall street, the area with men talking near a tree, blend with the crowd near the wall on the right as your target will turn and look behind him.

He will go down the first alleyway on the right. Follow him and hide behind the first wooden fence you can. Do not worry about the guards as they will not react to Connor this time. Once the guards pass him, move forward a few fences then duck behind one. The counterfeiter will turn around and look behind him for a moment and it is important to stay out of sight. From there just follow him around the corner. Just keep on him until the next optional objective appears.

Optional Objective:
Perform a successfully mobile eavesdrop

This is all about maximizing your blending opportunities. Move from group to group carefully. Never run into a group as that will break up and ruin it as a blend opportunity. When you hear them talk of themselves as “a bunch o' tough luck boys”, find a hiding spot as your targets will turn around and look behind them. Just wait it out and that will complete the second eavesdrop. Just wait a moment after that for a cutscene.

Optional Objectives
Do not tackle or shove anyone

Do not engage the soldiers that attack Connor. They are very much a distraction and Hickey is determined to make the most of them. Completing the optional objective is hard but plausible. You must watch your use of Run here. If you slack off just before getting into a group then Connor will not do anything to them. To  keep something your pace, switch to fast walking in which Connor will do neither. The closer you can get Connor to Thomas Hickey, the easier the chase will be.

Break away immediately and head for the second alleyway on the left. Run down that, turning to the right when you can. Follow that by a quick left to get back onto the street. Continue to the Northeast on Hickey's tail. He will throw money after the first set of alleyways to slow down Connor and make his escape. The only thing of note is after the third time Thomas Hickey throws money, as he passes through a overhang. He will run through some guards that will block Connor's direction. When you see the guards to the right of a hay cart, turn to the left and take the first right you can. From here Connor can intercept Hickey without any further difficulty. If you have trouble, make the turn before the overhang and then cut right. It makes it a lot easier once you know the path.