Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 20 – Sequence 4: Something to Remember

Head inside the village itself after the cutscene outside with Ratonhnhake:ton. Turn to the North and head for the marker at that end of the village. This will trigger a quick cutscene where the Clan Mother will summon Ratonhnhake:ton forward and have him enter a nearby long house. Once inside head over to the next marker.

This triggers a cutscene where she will explain why their tribe has been removed from the war and has no intention of ever joining in. She will pass a clear orb to Ratonhnhake:ton and this apple of eden will take Ratonhnhake:ton somewhere. A spirit, one of the Predessors will appear before Ratonhnhake:ton. She will explain that it is time for him to learn his proper path in life.

When the scene changes again Ratonhnhake:ton is an eagle flying with her. For the first while  Ratonhnhake:ton just needs to fly and learn how to manage just navigating around as an Eagle. Take your time and note what is going on. There are always a few ways to get around any one obstacle. Once the pair enters the canyon is when the obstacle course will start.

There will be a pause in obstacles as the pair approach the the large tree. It is here that things get more difficult in terms of simply avoiding Once you start seeing the Assassin Symbol you are nearly at the end. It gets very difficult to avoid the whole of them. Save a single collision for this section just in case of panic-reaction crash.

This is not an easy course. If you do not get it the first time remember you can always replay the memory through the Animus later to get the prefect.

After the end of the eagle sequence Ratonhnhake:ton will sketch the symbol into the sand. He will talk wit the clan mother and she will tell him where to seek out the symbol. It is time to start to the East and learn more of the Assassins.