Assassin's Creed 3 – The Homestead: Recruiting the Artisans – Godfrey & Terry and Lance

Godfrey & Terry

In order to get people into the Davenport Homestead you will need to find them in the world at large and complete a quest in order to bring them over. This will help transform Davenport from a barren place into a thriving community.

Sequence 5
Godfrey & Terry – Lumberers: Provides Forest Products: Complete “River Rescue”
This mission is completed as part of the main story:
With the man banging on the window, head outside via the front door. Turn to the left and talk with him. This starts Godfrey running off. Follow him as best you can away from the house and toward the nearby river. Follow him until you get a cutscene.

Optional Objective:
Do not touch the water while rescuing Terry

Start off immediately out onto the water. If you just want to complete the mission, you can go right in for the rescue. For the optional objective you must be fast. Head out onto the outcropping of snow in the river and use it to reach the log on the center of the river. Turn to the left and chase after Terry this as Connor is led back to the left bank. Keep the chase up, jumping from stone to stone along the river's edge. Never leave the river if you want to keep up with Terry.

Dash onto the log that is past the set of rocks that Connor had to run over. Just keep to the left hand bank until you see a tree reaching over to the right. Take it across quickly and keep to the bank of the river. Now you need to hurry and be careful.

This final part can play out one of two ways. You need to reach the log to save Terry but to complete the optional objective you cannot touch the water. You must get to the end of the branch and jump down as the log is in reach. If you mistime it then Connor will go into his Dive animation. Watch out for it. Dive when you first see the prompt to avoid failing this part of the mission and complete it successfully.

Lance – Woodworkers: Craft Weapons and consumables: “The Whittler's Weapon”
Save Lance from the thugs that have set upon him near the exit to the Frontier:
Once you have completed “River Rescue” then this Homestead Mission will be available. Head to the South from the Bridge in Davenport to make your way to it. Just follow the road in that direction and it will not be much trouble at all.

When you reach the cliff face look for the tree facing it. Climb up it and over to the cliff from there it is a simple climb upwards. Here Connor will need to beat 4 armed assailants. Do so and pull the man up from the cliff face. This is Lance and he will gladly join the growing colony of Davenport.