Assassin's Creed 3 – Privateer Contracts: Louisbourg Contracts

These contracts are only available after completing both Sequence 6 and the Saint-Augustine Contracts.

Trouble Waters
Optional Objective:
Limit damage taken to 50%

Bracing is more important than ever now if you want to complete the optional objective. First, you have the rogue waves. Wait until the prompt is given to take cover from them. After that you have the fleet of ships that are trying to sinking you. Taking down the ships is much harder in the choppy seas. You want to aim and fire very carefully as bad timing can send the cannon balls sailing over or under the ship you are after. These are frigates so you must first land a solid broadside (or ram them) to expose their weak point then sink them with that. It takes some time get all the shots in properly but it does go very well for the finish.

Raiding the Prospector
Optional Objective:
Sink the fleet within 90 seconds

This is where the Piercing rounds upgrade is a great boon (as are Grape shot and Heat Shot). It will help very much with just destroying your targets quickly which is key to getting the optional objective. The optional objective does not begin until after you have sunk the initial 8 gunboats. Think of them as a warm up.

Start by turning to the left immediately after the Aquila clears the rocks. As you do this, fire on the Prospector and the first part of its fleet. Begin with the Swivel gun and fire on either a gunboat or a schooner as they are susceptible to it. Frequent broadsides are mandate to even come close to getting the optional objective.

One of a Kind
Optional Objective:
Sink a frigate

This is privateer contract you must stay within the highlighted area and survive the enemies waves until the timer expires (4 minutes). The initial wave is just gunboats and schooners but they can do some serious damage mixed with the narrow channel you are in. Once you are out of the channel it is much easier to move around. This is also where the second wave of ships will appear. In it will be 2 frigates. Focus in in the frigate as soon as possible then let the broadsides fly (or ram it if you have the naval ram and follow it with a broadside).