Assassin's Creed 3 – Liberation Missions (New York East) and Assassin Recruit

Liberation Missions:
    Assassin Recruit

Unlike the past games where the Recruits were found here and there, Recruits are unlocked as zones  are taken over to the Assassins from the Templars. You take over the districts by completing the Liberation Missions in each area. These are simple or challenging task that will repulse the Templars from the area.

Liberation Missions
New York – East
Jacob Zenger: Covert Escort
The assassin recruits are dressed in Military uniforms with Connor in the center acting as he is their captive. This is a great way to get into forts and is a mobile blend. All military personnel will simply let them pass and the Social Status will fill at half its normal rate. Connor is unable to attack while this ability is in use so be wary of that. It can be canceled any time with a simple button press.

Beat Up An Officer: 3
2 instances of this found in the central Western part of the area. There is an odd instance of the final one being in the Northeastern part of the city.

Prevent an Execution: 3
These locations are found in the Northwestern section of this part of the city. Upon Connor's arrival you will find a civilian facing a firing line. He needs to intervene before the person is shot. There are 2 ways to handle this. The first is to drop a smoke bomb and kill everyone inside the cloud. The second is to call in your existing Assassin recruits. Either way the fight will end in moments.

Plant False Documents
These are found just South of the central part of East New York. In each instance you will first find a contact that wants you to plant a false list on a hyper-attentive courier. Each will only present a single opportunity based on their location
Eastern: Follow him out through the city to the docks. Use corners regularly and be sure to keep something between you and him. Keep this up until he is out on the docks. From there, wait in cover for a moment until he reaches the end of the dock. Once he does, run toward him but walk the lat few steps. A beggar will emerge from the dock and ask for change. It is during this distraction that Connor can perform the swap
Central: This one only has to go around a few corners but he looks over his shoulder with amazing regularity. Just follow him until he stops to relieve himself on a wall. Use this time to quickly plant the list on him and get away quickly as there are 2 guards in the area who wonder what Connor is doing there.
Western: Immediately blend when you start this to avoid getting noticed. From there duck over to the wooden scaffolding a ways down. Simply wait there until the target makes a left turn and goes down the nearby alleyway. Run down the alleyway to approach him then plant the list on him while he is distracted talking with the lady.

Into The Wolf's Lair
This is the final liberation mission for East New York. Head over to the market place near the destination. Equip the Covert Escort Recruit power and use it. This will let Connor and company get through the initial line of guards. From there, you can approach the Templar leader. After that you need to take out the rest of the soldiers on the ship. It is a big fight but call in the rest of your recruits and it will not take long to finish.