Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 35 – Sequence 7: The Midnight Ride

The scene will resume down in the basement of the Homestead. Paul Revere has sent a letter to Achilles and Connor asking for Connor's help. Connor turns it down but Achilles points out the Pitcairn is mentioned by name and he is Connor's next target to save the revolution. Head to Boston and go to the marked door nearby the tavern near the North Port Tunnels entrance.

Once inside another cutscene runs where Connor agrees to help raise the militia to fight the British. Revere sends his other men off and tells Connor to come with him. The two wind up sharing a horse and they need to get to their destination with minimal trouble.

Optional Objective:
Do not trigger open conflict

This is a harder optional objective then it appears. It takes some luck a good bit of skill as well. Thankfully though things start easy enough. When you get to the first fork in the road, turn to the left. A Red Coat  patrol will pass in front of them. Do not let them see you, this time it is easy.

Not long after the turn left, you will need to break from the road to the right of the house by it. Continue until you are past the house to the Southwest of it. If you want, take a moment to dismount here and approach the house. On top of it is a feather that you can grab or simply continue on. Keep to the West and follow the road toward the next town. Revere will prompt Connor to finish this search on foot. Head off to the right of the field and dismount. Cut around the field and make for the front of the nearby house. Head over one house and wait for Revere to call out that you have gotten to the right house. Interact wit the door and he will warn the inhabitants that the British are coming. Then it is back into the saddle.

Head through town and cut through the field to avoid a patrol. From there head forward on the road going to the left. Follow this along for a while. A patrol will appear in front of you. When you see them then break to the right and head into the trees, moving forward and cutting around them. After that, return to the road and follow it until you spot the bridge. This bridge is guarded. Turn to the right close to the bridge and head down to the bank of the stream. You will notice some reeds none too far from you. There you can cross on the horse without alerting the British.

You will come up into this village where there are a lot of tents. Turn to the right and head into the main part of town, dismounting before you do. Head to the second house on the left and Revere will remark that you found the right place.

Follow the path out of town and keep to it until you spot a bridge on the right. Wait and you will see a Red Coat patrol pass over it. Head off to the side of the road, going down to the bank of the river. Creep up on the bridge as the patrol passes over it and goes well beyond it. Once they are past the bridge, have Revere and Connor head across the bridge and into the next town. Dismount after you cross the bridge and head to the first house on the left. While it is the right place, the Red Coats are inside the house already. This means it is time to make an escape and fast.

Optional Objective
Reach Prescott's location within 2 minutes

Once the Red Coats have made their appearance and Connor is on the horse, flip around and head back toward the bridge. As you approach the bridge turn to the left and head past the house closest to the bridge. You will notice a small trail by the bank of the river. Gallop down it and follow it until it rejoins the main road. This will break Connor out of chase and let you resume something more leisurely, unless you are after the optional objective. Now, have the horse jump the fence and cut across the narrow stream. Head straight through and rejoin the road until it comes to a fork with a house on the left. From there, turn up the hill and head North of that house. Keep going up and then dismount. Approach the large house in front of you. This should be the location you are after. If not, you just need to search a few houses to find it and should have enough time to figure it out.

Now you are guided by waypoint to the final destination of this memory. Head South to the Road from Prescott's house. Turn left as you hit the road and follow it a long ways. This will lead you into Lexington. Once there turn to the left and follow the road that direction. Keep your heading through the next intersection and continue to follow the waypoints. This leads to a house. Get there and interact with the door. This will finish the memory.