Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 28 – November 15, 2012

Time to hunt down the first of the power sources to get things up and running. Head forward to the left and up the ladder. At the top of the ladder, turn to the right. Run and jump over to the scaffold and go from there over to the pipe. Now run to the end of the yellow pipe intersection. Jump from the yellow pipe to the scaffolding through the opening in it. Jump to the next bit of scaffolding then turn to the left and jump again to make it to the next pipe.

Take the pipe over to the first ledge on the left, the elevator shaft entrance. Swing over the opening there and jump across the beams to the next platform. From there run up the wall and climb it on up. Head to the right from there and climb into the next room after the jump. Swing from there to the crates below. Run toward the lowered shutter door that is not all the way closed. Desmond will slide under and emerge onto the skyline.

Turn to the right and start climbing the crane there. Keep to the left-hand side to make it up easily. Once up onto the crane properly climb up its arm and hop over to the metal girder. Move along it as it swings and jump over to the beam sticking out of the building. Jump along the beams to the right and swing over to the next metal girder. Head to the end of that and jump over to the next platform sticking out of the building. Look to the right and you will see a red beam smaller silver beams inside it. Climb it upwards.

At the top of the beam, move to the left and Desmond will grab the wires that are suspended on the side of the building. Climb those to the left to reach the yellow pipes which he can use to climb upwards once again. From there he can pull himself up to the platform above. Now run straight to the right and slide underneath the giant wooden spindle.

From there run to the left and through the pipe there. Head to the right and climb the stack of metal beams. Turn to the left at the top of it and jump onto the metal girder there. Run along that to the metal pipes, cross those and climb up onto the next ledge. Just climb up and to the right from there.

When you reach the next platform with fencing, turn to the left. Cross over to the next platform using the beam between them. From there Desmond needs to jump out to the hanging metal girder, climb up onto it and head to the left. Climb from there up to the nearby platform and up to the top of the building.

Head to the left and start up the crane there. Start with the yellow crane in front of Desmond and climb to the top of it. Jump from there over to the vertical beam and then to the next horizontal beam. From there line up with the crane, jump left and climb up to the top of it. Once on top head out to the right on the arm. A quick cutscene and Desmond is ready to jump.

When you are ready, jump off the edge of the crane. When prompted open the chute and then steer Desmond toward the helipad there. After that a cutscene runs and a new player enters the stage, Daniel Cross.

Now take a little time to check Desmond's e-mail and talk with his cohorts (William – 5, Rebecca – 2, Shaun – 3). If you want to deposit the artifact into its socket then head to the left, up the stairs and into the next area. Here, if you have not visited it previously, Desmond will have some lessons from Juno. Head to the left and up the wall. Climb up to the top and go to the right. You will see Juno by a console. Head over to it to insert the power source. This will power up a new area of the Archive and open a door to the left of the main entrance. You can head into the next area and explore it now or re-enter the Animus.

Heading into the area you will trigger another scene with Juno as Desmond approaches the stairs to the left. From there turn to the left and start up the stairs. Climb the staircase, as it is, up until you trigger another scene with Juno. This leads to an admission from Desmond. With all that, head to the left, then turn right and jump the next gap. Head to the end of the next corridor and turn to the right. Drop down and look for the next opening. You will find an area you can climb up. From there you will find where you can insert the next power source. After that, it is time to head into the Animus again.