Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 10 – Sequence 2: Infiltrating Southgate: Freeing the Captives

Optional Objectives:
Kill the Generals
Perform 3 Corner Stealth Assassinations

Now that you are inside there is not too much to worry about to start. The concern will come soon enough. Follow your men as they head inside the fort. Move into the middle of the formation to get things started.

As your group heads inside the fort one of your men will break away and hide inside a hay stack. Just wait. There is a soldier who will get curious and approach the group. Your man will pop out, kill the soldier and hide the body inside the haystack. Indirect hint? Likely. After that man rejoins the group a as whole they will scatter.

Haytham Kenway needs to complete this next part of the mission on his own. Move at a fat walk toward the Boston Throat Wall. As you approach it, break off to the right. Slip between the wall and the crates and use that stalking area as cover to sneak into the nearby hay cart beyond them. Slip inside the hay cart and wait there. With some luck or a bit of patience the general will wander over to the cart shortly and you will be able to assassinate him and pull him in, hiding the body.

Time to go for the second general. Head out of the hay cart and back to the left, past the horses and barrels. Head past the 2 guards by the gate and hug to the wall after that. Go past the soldiers who are conversing and press on past the next tent. Once past the tent, press again the far side of it in the stalking area. Just wait for the officer to get close and you will be able to assassinate him with little trouble. Once he is dealt with, approach either of the stocks and interact with it to free the captives there.

With that turn to the North and start your walk that way. It is only a short ways to the stocks with the second group of captives and the next officer. Wait for the officer to start moving and patrolling. When he gets close be ready to quickly take him down with an assassination. Free the slaves after that.

Time to deal with the final group of captives. Head between the stocks and past the crates and start over to the right along the shore. Move onto the wooden platform and then press against the wall to your right. Just wait here for the next officer to come to you. You will know you are in the proper position if you have the option to whistle to call out to potential targets. Just wait here for the officer to come over and you will perform the first of 3 corner assassinations.

With that one down, head out along the pier over to the ship. Now climb up the side of it, but do not immediately board. Wait to make sure the coast is clear of the patrolling officer. Once he is on the stern of the ship climb up onto the ship and take a position by the crates nearby where you climbed up facing the stern on the bow side. This will make for the second corner assassination. If the officer is glitched, you can trigger an investigation to clear it up, just be sure to break line of sight quickly.

Finally, head for the stern of the ship and the crates there. Take up a position at the corner of the crates and whistle to call over the guard. Perform the final corner assassination and free the nearby slaves. Now it is time to deal with Silas Thatcher.