Assassin's Creed 3 – Benedict Arnold Missions: A Spy Among Us

Head back to the Fort and talk with Benedict Arnold. He will ask Connor to bring some Powder Kegs over to the Magazine. Once you have delivered the first, this mission breaks from being monotonous to interesting. Head into the stalking zone around John and Benedict. Move in but remain hidden from sight. Move forward carefully from one zone to the next. Once you get outside the fort it is time a simple matter of just entering the large nearby stalking zone to keep within range of them both. While en route outside move no faster than a fast walk and keep something between Connor and his marks. It is a fairly easy time to get into the large stalking zone and just wait out the rest of the conversation.

Once that talk is over it is time to deal with John Anderson. Follow him carefully, once again using the numerous stalking zones to keep within sight of him. He heads to the left then breaks to the Northeast. After he passes the rocks, have Connor move into the trees that are just past them. Anderson will tell some Red Coats to keep an eye on their path with orders to kill whoever follows them. Transition from the trees to the stalking zone carefully once the guards have their back to Connor. Follow them over to the corn field. Once Anderson is inside the corn field, follow him. Keep a few rows of corn between him and Connor. Once he gets to the Hay Cart, he will jump in and change uniforms. Follow behind him until he breaks from the corn field. At that point, cross over to the eastern part of the field and move North to enter into the next stalking zone.

Once inside the stalking zone look to the North. You will see a tree stump that marks the start of a tree running course. While Anderson is still moving, run up the tree and get above him. Now follow the course over to the barn Connor was at earlier where he killed the first spy. Move from there and keep an eye on Anderson. This whole episode is coming to a close now.