Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 17 – Sequence 4: Hide and Seek

It is time to start play as Connor when Desmond returns into the Animus. At present he is called by his given name of “Ratonhnhake:ton.” Take your time and just follow his friends out of the village and into the valley that is nearby. Just follow them along and enjoy the quick cutscene when the children make it to their destination. They draw lots to see who will be “it” for their game of hide and seek.

Optional Objectives:
Find the children without making a mistake (go into the wrong pile of leaves)
Find the children within 4 minutes

The clue will break the major circle into 4 smaller, but still large, circles. As you find more clues the search area circle will narrow down. When you have found all the clues for a particular child then they will be marked on your map. Start by heading up the slope and looking to the right. You will notice a clue there.

You can follow the trail of clues to the cliff face or just head straight over there. You will find the first child there without much trouble. If you are having trouble with finding the clues then you want to use Eagle Vision. It will make them a lot more visible.

Now hug the cliff face and head up the slope. Keep the cliff on your right as it becomes level with the ground. The first clue is out to the left of the cliff and the second is to the left of a tree just past where the cliff face went into the ground. Run into the green pile of leaves to the right of the tree to flush out the second of the children.

Now turn to the South and start looking for 2 white trees in a V form. It is some to the West of where the search zone begins. If you are having trouble then just head down the slope along the trail to find a clue. Follow the trail up the slope and keep as straight on as you can. It will not take long to find the second clue that will lead you on to the pile of leaves that has the final child.

Now turn to the Northeast and follow that straight on to the tree that is marked. This will start a new game that all the children will play. This time you need to have Ratonhnhake:ton run and hide. Choose whatever spot you would like. The game is going to get interrupted at this point.

While Ratonhnhake:ton is hiding some of the colonist will appear and begin to pick on him. You will recognize a number of them, as they are part of Haytham's group of Templars. Lee will approach Ratonhnhake:ton. After a nice soliloquy of his, Ratonhnhake:ton will be knocked out. Haytham is seen there as well though he is silence.

Once Ratonhnhake:ton wakes up it is time to head back to the village and see what has become of it. As Ratonhnhake:ton approaches it is apparent it is entirely on fire. Head for the first marker in front of you. Turn to the left from there and into the village itself. Head into the second longhouse on the left. Interact with things as needed to get through quickly. Turn to the left just after exiting the house and into the nearby house there. Once Ratonhnhake:ton has banged on the door head to the right past the boulder and turn to the left. Head into the building and try to lift the wreckage. It will end this part of the memory.