Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 13 – Sequence 3: Locate Edward Braddock

Optional Objective: Limit Health Loss: 50% (This carries over from your wolf encounters).

Follow Ziio over the edge of the hill to the South, making a Leap of Faith into the hay cart below. Break out of there to the South and press on. The two of them have a quick little conversation as they head toward the meeting hall. Ziio has no love for Kenway and he is determined to prove to her he is trustworthy. After that talk just run over to the marked building South of you. Interact with the door to head inside.

Inside the Trading Post it is time to do some eavesdropping to learn where Braddock is. Head over to the Bar at the Western end of the Trading Post and stand between the 2 patrons near the Red Coats. Wait through the conversation. It appears Braddock is planning an “expedition.”

Head for the opposite end of the trading post now. Hang to the left and head for the window between the 2 patrons nearby the 2 talking red coats. They talk about how Braddock has left for an advanced camp and they suspect they will all be moving before the end of the week.

With those 2 instances of eavesdropping complete make for the door quickly and quietly. You may raise some suspicion but not enough to engage anyone. Just head North to reach the door. As you do some of the soldiers decide it is time to pick on Kenway. Ziio has some choice words about it.

Optional Objective:
Use 2 breakable items in the fight

Keep on the defensive as it just makes this easier with the counter system. Let the soldier come at you then throw them into whatever nearby table there is. There are 4 soldiers and more than enough tables to use against all of them.

After the first 4 go down a second set will appear. Once again, keep on the defense for now or go aggressive. If you have not already broken the 2 items, but sure to get it in this round.

Once the fight is over there is a quick cutscene between Ziio and Kenway. With that complete it will be time to head for Braddock's Camp.