Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 2 – Sequence 1: A Deadly Performance

Head forward into the Auditorium in front of Kenway. Just keep walking and the world will begin to load and form around him. He will ask his valet to bring the carriage around as he does not expect to be here very long. Once you make it to the door, the mission will begin once you open it.

As you enter you will receive a notification of an email. This is telling you of a new Animus Databaes entry for the Opera house Kenway has entered. Just continue to head forward and a theater attendant will appear to show Kenway to his seat. He has marker over his head to make him very easy to find the crowd.

Head over to the left and move to your seat. A quick cutscene between him and his contact will prompt a quick tutorial on how to activate Eagle Vision. If you are new to the series, this is a vital ability and will be used throughout the game. Activate it and look to the upper right. Kenway will find his target in the box seat on the third level, closest to the stage.

After the cutscene Kenway will stand. Once again, continue to the Left and head out of the aisles. Hea through the open curtains there and turn to the right. You will notice a ladder there that Kenway can climb. Head up it and over to the right. Scale over to the right back into the auditorium. Once there head up to the first balcony on the second level. Cut across the lip of the 2 balconies there to the next divide. Head on up at that point to the third level.

On the third level, head across another 2 balconies then up to the top level. Scale right on the top balcony and over to the empty box. This will lead Kenway into the backstage area of the auditorium. He will find himself briefly blocked by a locked door. Approach it and interact with it. You will be prompted to pick it. It will only take a little effort. Rotate the Left Stick to the upper right. Now move the Right Stick down. You will then be prompted to hit a button. Do so to break the lock and gain access to the backstage area fully.

Now Kenway is back stage. Head forward and over the gap in front of him. Head onto the props hanging on the ceiling of the sun and clouds. The sun and clouds will drop under Kenway's weight. Once they stop moving start going over to the left. Get to the next ledge and head forward and up the ladder there.

Climb up some more and then move over to the left onto the Crescent Moon prop. Once again it will drop under Kenway's weight. Simply continue to the left. Keep going until Kenway must swing again to catch the next ledge. Climb up onto that and head through the door in front of him. Just wait a moment for the next cinematic to occur.

When the scene is done, head on down the stairs and over to the right. Head down the next set of stairs and then turn to the left. The chaos of the kill has begun to spread. Head through the crowd, using the Fast Walk ability to push through them, and to the right. Head through the rest of the crowd and make for the doorway there. Turn to the left on the far end of the balcony and head down to the left. Turn left again to finish heading down the stairs finally make it back to the entrance of the Auditorium. Turn right there to exit out of the front door.

The memory will finish with a cutscene and it is off to the next part of the Sequence.