Assassin's Creed 3 – The Homestead: Norris the Miner

Level 2 (Sequence )
Norris Goes Courting

This is found in the Southwestern part of the Homestead.  You will find Norris working by the river where he will call over to Connor. Approach him and talk with him to begin the mission. Norris wants to give Myriam a gift. Connor does not know what to give her but figures that Prudence will know what is appropriate. Head from the mine to the farm, which is now marked, to find Prudence. She tells Connor that Wild Flowers are a safe bet. She also tells him that he can find them to the Northwest of the farm. The best grow atop the bluff there where they get a lot of sun.

As you approach the marker look along the north face of the cliff to find a path up. There is some water worn stone that will allow just that near where the fallen tree creates a bridge above Connor.  Turn to the left there and head across the fallen tree. From there climb upwards and over to the left. Keep this up until Connor makes it to a ledge. From this first ledge you need to jump over to the next wall to continue your climb. It is nothing too hard but it does take a moment. It is here you will find the Wild Flowers. Collect them and then bring them back to Norris.

Get onto the nearby log that sticks out over the edge with the crows on it. Head to the end and jump off with a Leap of Faith. After that just run back to Norris to give him the wild flowers.

Level 3 (Sequence 7)
Norris Tries Again

Norris will tell Connor that Myriam did not like the flowers and simply threw them aside. He then asks Connor to see if he could learn a better idea for her. Start for Myriam's house and approach it from the West. Now hide behind the house there until Myriam start to the South. Once she has, take a moment to look at the clue that sits right outside the entrance to the house itself. Once she has her back to you, move into the stalking zone to the left of the house and creep forward. Once you can see the clue by the right-hand post, move forward and investigate it.

With that completed, head back into the stalking zone and leave much the same way you came in, quietly. Now return to Norris so Connor can tell him of the discovery.

Level 4 (Sequence 8)
Raw Materials
Once this mission is available, head to Norris' house on the Homestead. Talk with him there to trigger the mission. Head to the Frontier after that to get the mission underway. Use the nearby travel point to get to the Frontier (using the Southern Harbor Master will get you the closest). Once you make it to the starting point, just approach Norris to start thing moving. He will ask you to defend the entrance to the mine while he does his blasting. You must stay in the blue highlighted zone to complete this mission. After the blats, the Red Coats will close in on the location that Norris is blasting in. There are 6 in the initial group that come from the West. After the second blast you must fend off 9, with Grenadiers. Just keep at it through the last 2 groups then that will be it, completing the leveling up for the miner.