Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 23 – Sequence 5: Boston's Most Wanted

Those who have been playing since Assassin's Creed 2 are familiar with this system but it is good for some to have a refresher now and again. It is time to work at pulling down the 3 posters in the surrounding area. The first is nothing too hard to get to.

Poster 1
Head forward and dive into the canal. Turn to the right and head to the start of it. There you will find a Red Coat who is just waiting for a quick kill. Assassinate him and then move onto the dock and head over to the poster to tear it down.

Poster 2
Now head around the boxes to the right of Connor. From there climb into the hay cart that sits above you. Be sure to hug against the wall to avoid notice from the guards above you. Once inside the cart assassinate the red coat that is just beside it. After that, head Southwest out of the cart, past the horse then pause and look around the corner. There will be a 2 man patrol coming toward you.

If they happen to catch sight of you just head back to the docks and slip out of sight on the pier. Worse case, dive into the water and hide there for a while. Wait for then to turn away from Connor then head quickly into the area they came from. You will find the poster to the left of the door. Pull it down quickly. If you are worried about detection, head behind the cart and wait there for the patrol to pass by again.

Now head out of the area and go to the Northeast where you will find Samuel Adams again. Talk with him and you will move onto the next part of the lesson. Samuel has his “friend” Cyrus, a crier, work to lower Connor's Notoriety even further. This is for a price which Sam foots this time.