Assassin's Creed 3 – Forts: Fort Monmouth

Fort Monmouth

The forts act much like the strongholds of old. The thing is they have a much bigger impact on things than the Strongholds ever did. By conquering forts (and destroying a part of them) you reduce the taxes that convoys incur when they travel through the district that the fort occupies. This makes it very ideal to take down the 7 forts found in the game as soon as possible.

When it comes to conquering a fort there are 3 steps that need to be completed. Failure to do one of these 3 things will result in the fort being reset after Connor leaves the restricted area:
Kill the Fort Captain
Ignite the Powder Reserve
Lower the Flag

Approach from the Northeast along the coast. This fort is easiest to handle during the night time as it will remove 2 guards who will interfere once you are against the fort wall. Start by getting down to the nearby beach to the East for the fort and swimming directly over there. You are now on the rocks to the Southeast of the fort. Hug up against the fort wall and head West. There you will find the 2 guards making your life a little more difficult. If you have the patience, wait for them to reach the end of the stone jetty and then slip into the fort along the stone wall. Once inside immediately turn left and hide in the bushes there. Wait for the patrol to head back then back out to the end of the jetty. There is another guard who patrols around here. If possible, whistle when he gets close then assassinate him, pulling him into the branches Connor is hiding in.

With all that settled, it is time to focus on moving onward. Watch the area carefully as an Officer and a guard also patrol this area. Once it is clear, head down the stairs opposite the leaf pile. Head up and around the building then into the hay cart nearby the elevated walkway you just slipped under. From there get into the stalking zone underneath the walkway and follow it to the end. Wait the guard nearby to come close to the stalking zone and assassinate him. After that, it is a little waiting for the patrolling Officer to close in. Repeat as needed to kill him. Now head out of the stalking zone over toward the powder reserve. It is not quite time to blow it up. Climb the wall to the right of it. This will put Connor in a stalking zone nearby where he wants to be. You can see the Captain of the fort. Head immediately to the right to ensure no one spots Connor and to break their line of sight if they did. Continue to the right, assassinate guards who get close and you have an opening. From there just wait for an opening to get a poison dart in on the Fort Captain and then slip back to the Powder Reserve.

If you get spotted, then drop down into the area where the powder reserve is and wait. The captain will wind up exposed there and a quick poison dart will ensure his demise. It may mean fighting a lot of men, but it does ensure the Captain is dead and you get a nice kill streak.

If the Captain is not on the Eastern side of the Fort, he is on the Western. Just slip over to that half, enter the nearby stalking zone and once again use a poison dart to end him. Hide in the stalking zone until things calm down then return to the Powder Reserve.

From there head to the Powder Reserve. Now it is time to ignite it. Do so and then dash back to the leaf pile by the entrance of the fort. Wait there for it to explode. Once it does slip out the leaves and start climbing the wall behind the pile. It will lead close to the flag. From there slip to the right through the stalking zone and then into the next just in front of the stairs. Fast walk up those stairs and turn to the left to find the flag. Interact with it to finish the fort.