Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 18 – Sequence 4: Feathers and Trees

Have Ratonhnhake:ton move and talk with his friend to begin the next mission. Turn around and Free Run into the tree behind you. Run from there across the next branch and hop to the next tree. When you are in the V-shaped branch of it, wait to be prompted to hit a button to climb up (“X” / “A”) to reach even higher into the tree. Climb into the second V-branching and wait for the cutscene.

Optional Objective:
Do not touch the ground or water

Start by going straight forward. There is a branch in front of  Ratonhnhake:ton to get this sequence started. Move forward to the next tree and its branching. Hop forward to the right from there to the next branch. Head over to the next tree and start moving along the fallen branches over the water.

Head to the end of this branch and hop into the tall stump in front of it. Hop from there onto the branch of the nearby tree. Head to the trunk of it and cut around to the other side using free running. Now move to the end of the opposite branch and hop over to the next tree's branch. Turn to the left and jump to the next tree branch. Move from there into the V-intersection of the tree.

Time for a little swinging now. Jump onto the branches below you and swing a few over. Just head straight until Ratonhnhake:ton lands on the boulder. Pause for a moment there to look at the next section of the free running. Head onto the nearby stump sticking out of the water then free run to the branch below it. Cross the river this way.

There is brief pause now as your friend will fall into the water. You can either press on or turn around and pull him back onto the branch. It only takes a moment and you may as well. Now get back to the boulder and head onto the tree to the left of it. Climb it some with free running and wing over to the opposite side of it. Seeing the path for Tree Free Running should be getting a little easier now. Jump through the next 2 trees with the V-Intersections. Run across the next few branches and you will reach the cliff face. Just climb upwards to the right. When you reach the sheer drop run up the wall and Ratonhnhake:ton will find a crevice he can use to climb up higher. Just press on from there and you will reach the right level to approach the eagle's nest. Collect the feather and the eagle will come back and knock Ratonhnhake:ton from the next into the pile of leaves below.

Optional Objective:
Collect 3 more feathers

Feather 1 – Turn to the right, pass the 2 small white trees and then climb the tree to their right. There are a lot of knots and broken branches to use to reach the first feather.

Feather 2 – Turn to the place Ratonhnhake:ton landed and turn to the North. Climb the tree there and head across the branch to the next tree. Turn left from there and head over to the nearby bird's nest to collect the second feather

Feather 3 – Return to the landing spot once again. Turn to the Northwest from there and look to reach the edge of the cliff. Look for the tree to the left of the cliff edge that has all the knots in it. Climb up it to reach the final feather.

Now head for the destination marker to finish out this quick little mission.