Assassin's Creed 3 – Benedict Arnold Missions: Battle of West Point

Head to the final marker that appears in the Fort West Point. Be sure that Connor has a full stock of arrows for this mission. There is a lot that is about to happen.

Arnold has run to the Vulture but she has yet to set sail. More importantly the Fort West Point is under attack. Connor is now in charge of this fort and he intends to hold it for the patriots. This is going to be a big fight.

There are 3 phases that happen with each wave of Regulars that come at the fort. The first phase is very consistent. They will charge in and form up a firing line, save the first wave. Charge the line quickly before they can fire on the Patriots. This will very quickly drain the surviving patriots. The second phase is a simple straight up brawl. Connor is normally facing simple soldiers so it is easy to start a kill streak with a Counter-Kill and wipe out most of the force without much effort. The third and final part is the hardest. A Sniper will come running into the fort with the intent of hitting the powder reserve and exploding it. If possible, intercept the Sniper as they enter the fort for a quick melee kill. Otherwise, arm yourself with the bow and shoot him down before he can pull off his shot.

When it comes to dealing with this fight, listen to the prompts that are called out. Even if Connor has remaining hostiles around him, get to the gate that is under assault. This will make a big difference in how quickly the patriot force can dwindle down. With those tips and some good fighting it will be no problem to finish this small series of missions and complete the mission pack.