Assassin's Creed 3 – The Homestead: Recruiting the Artisans – Innkeepers, Farmers, Blacksmith, Tailor, Preacher and Doctor

Warren & Prudence
Oliver & Corrine
Big Dave
Father Timothy
Dr. Lyle White

In order to get people into the Davenport Homestead you will need to find them in the world at large and complete a quest in order to bring them over. This will help transform Davenport from a barren place into a thriving community.

Warren & Prudence – Farmers: Provides Farm Products: Complete “Abused”
In Lexington you will find these two being attacked by redcoats. Intervene and Connor will be able to recruit them for Davenport. This instance is found to the North of the Monmouth Harbor Master. Just run up a ways and you will come across the scene of 2 farmers being attacked by a patrol of Red Coats. Move in to engage them and start fighting them off.

Sequence 7
Oliver & Corrine – Innkeeper: Craft Food and alcohol: Complete “Room at the Inn”
Furnish Oliver with 1,000 to build the Mile's End Inn. They can be found along the road. It seems to be available after you have completed at least a few of the homestead missions (or have the Lumberers, Huntress and Miner present).

Sequence 8
Big Dave – Blacksmith: Craft, weapons, metalwork, war supplies, consumables and inventions
Complete “The Brawler”

Search out the mission in the Frontier. It is likely to the Southwest of the Frontier exit from the Homestead. There you will find Big Dave being attacked by a number of Red Coats. Simply engage them and fight through them. At the end of it one will hold him captive for a while. Take the prompt to shoot and Dave will make sure he is clear. This will earn you your smith.

Sequence 9
Ellen – Tailor: Craft capacity upgrades and clothing: Complete “Cutting Ties”
Head into New York East. Here you will find Ellen trying to find help for her Mother. You must keep close to her and tail her back successfully. It is a short run and it takes even less time to take down the man as he is susceptible to the Counter-Kill. It only takes a moment to take him down.

Father Timothy – Priest: Complete “Finding His Flock”
Head into the Mile's End Tavern. After a cutscene you will be given the opportunity to give the man £1,000. This will establish the church on the Davenport Homestead. If you are lacking money, some looting or sending a convoy will remedy that quickly.

Lyle – Doctor: Complete “Get Me A Doctor!”
Get Me a Doctor! (Sequence 9)
You will find Prudence near the Manor house once this mission is available just approach and talk with her to begin the mission itself. Prudence's baby is coming and she needs Lyle quickly. You have 3 minutes to get to the way point to grab Lyle. His house is the first on the right after the bridge. This is where you want to sprint the most. After that is a quick side trip to get Warren. Head back across the bridge and go to the left. While they both will be on horseback they cannot manage the same pace Connor can. Just keep to the road and it will be done quickly. The baby is born and named, “Hunter” then mother and baby are taken to their house to rest.