Assassin's Creed 3 – The Homestead: Recruiting the Artisans – Myriam and Norris

Norris the Miner

In order to get people into the Davenport Homestead you will need to find them in the world at large and complete a quest in order to bring them over. This will help transform Davenport from a barren place into a thriving community.

Sequence 6
Myriam – Huntress: Provides herbs and animal goods: Complete “The Silent Hunter”
This mission can be found just at the start of sequence 6 and is generally considered to be the tutorial for using the Rope Dart. As Connor leaves to the Southwest of the Manor you will find her there. Interact with her to start the mission itself. First take her back to the house where Achilles will tell you to use some rope darts and your instructions to take on the poachers who have moved into the area.

Head off to find the first set of poachers. You must take to the trees to easily reach the hunting blind. Now head out onto the trees over the poachers who are marked red. These are the outright tutorial so follow the prompts on the screen to hold the button to simply strangle the first. Now head out to the right through the trees toward the next poacher. This time you will be prompted to hang your target. Follow the instructions to do so. Connor will land in a stalking zone so he remains in cover. Finally head over to the left and toward the final poacher in this area. Head to the right and climb the knobby tree there to gain the height advantage. Approach the poacher from above to ensure stealth. From there drop to the ground and go around the left-hand side of the tree

Now turn around and head back to the South to find 2 poachers by climbing up the fallen tree. They move in a circular patrol in the area. Track them down as best you can and dispatch them however you feel appropriate. Once they have been dealt with turn to the East and head to the waypoint. This will trigger a cutscene and allow you to finish everything out.

Norris – Miner: Provides Minerals: Complete “The Brawler”
Head to the Northern part of Boston. You will find it nearby the North Port Tunnel Entrance, the fast travel point in the Central Eastern part of Boston, by the tavern. It is wandering around here Connor can find the Red Coats beating on a man there. You have a number of Red Coats attacking a man. Have Connor move in and defend this man. He has been attacked by the Red Coats for his french accent. It is by defending and saving him that you will gain the miner.