Assassin's Creed 3 – Liberation Missions (New York North) and Assassin Recruit

Liberation Missions:
    Assassin Recruit

Unlike the past games where the Recruits were found here and there, Recruits are unlocked as zones  are taken over to the Assassins from the Templars. You take over the districts by completing the Liberation Missions in each area. These are simple or challenging task that will repulse the Templars from the area.

Now York – North
Dobby Carter: Lure
This calls in an Assassin Recruit to create a distraction. They will taunt or steal from a guard and lure them away from their post. This could be money or consumables. You can only have one recruit active while using lure, but it is a great last to break away guards who have taken an interest in Connor.

Defend the Farmer:
Each of these 3 instances gives Connor a highlighted area he must remain in while this is active. These are all found along the Southern border of North New York. You must fight through 4 waves of Red Coats and keep them from killing the farmer as he completes his harvest. Just how many are in each wave is hard to determine. This is a case of getting kill streaks and paying attention for firing lines is a great aid to Connor. It only takes a little while in each instance to finish thankfully.

Prevent Evictions
All these missions are found across the Western part of North New York. All are to the West of the lake there. When you are engaging in one of these, be sure the Red Coat presence around is as minimized as possible. After that, try to assassinate as many of the soldiers as possible before pressing into the rest of the fight.

Beat Up Merchant
Start over at the far Western end of New York and you will find the first of these challenges. You need to beat up the merchant so the starving children can get some food. Just approach the marked merchants and have at them with your fists. Done right you can take them both down very quickly.

Hoarding Provisions
After the opening cutscene Connor is in position to start moving in against the local Templar leader. Head the short distance over to the first marker. Be sure to equip the lure ability with your recruit. It is going to be key to finishing this liberation quickly and easily. Head toward the restricted area from its Eastern side. This give you a clear view of the house that the Templar leader has taken over. Move in and use Lure to draw him out to you. Assassinate him as he passes by your hiding place. This will give you your next recruit.