Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 8 – Sequence 2: The Soldier

Things will resume outside the Green Dragon Tavern. Head on inside to begin the next memory in the Sequence. The doctor, Benjamin Church will explain that Silas Thatcher is the man you need to seek out to gain the trust of the locals. Kenway must think some on how to get into the Fort. From there it will be declared time to find the final member of the party suggested.

Optional Objectives:
Keep detection time, cumulatively, below 15 seconds
Perform a kill strike of 3 sequential deaths
Prevent Snitches from calling in reinforcements

You will be taken to the next starting point in the memory sequence. Talk with Lee to trigger the start of this mission. Lee will lead you into the battery where you need to hang close to him. Use him as cover whenever possible. You have very little time to use toward detection. This first part is very easy to get through without building any detection time. Once you make it to the top you will encounter General Braddock who is laying into your contact, John Pitcairn. You are led out of the battery. Time to break in and do your best to steal Pitcairn.

Kenway will give instructions to Lee. You need to simply keep on the tail of the group in front of you with Pitcairn. Keep close enough to them to track them but far enough back that you do you rouse their suspicion If you follow the movements of Lee it will be no problem at all to manage it. Do not fret on the timer that may appear. It is very simply to track them and it will go away once you have the patrol back on screen. Just weave through the crowd and do your best to keep the patrol in sight. Just keep it up until Lee conjures up his distraction.

Once the distraction cutscene has happened chase after the soldiers. They will take a right turn followed by a quick left then a second right. This will lead to the next fight sequence in the memory. If you are after getting full synchronization then the challenge has just begun. A snitch will immediately break away from the group to the Northwest. Break out of combat and head in that direction. Take him down immediately to stop the reinforcements from being called. After that you need to simply manage a sequential kill streak of 3. Considering the density of the rest of the troops it is not hard to start a counter-kill streak. Just watch who is close by and very likely to attack next. It will only take a moment to wipe out the rest of them. If you are in the middle of a big group it will not be hard to complete that second optional objective.

As you approach Braddock you will quickly see the display of the optional objectives. If either is red, restart from the last checkpoint. It does not take long to see the potential in this. When it is done you will receive Pitcairn as an ally and this part of the Sequence will come to a close.