Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 3 – Sequence 1: Journey To The New World

Day 2
Head over to the left from Kenway's desk. You can speak with the Ship's Doctor to learn what his purpose is aboard the ship. You can turn to the right from there and head to the North. There you .will find 2 mini-games you can play. The first, on the left, is Fanorona (Beginner Difficulty). The second, to the right, is Nine Men's Morris (Beginner Difficulty). After that, just continue around to the nearby stairs to get to the deck above.

Once on deck you can talk with the man holding the quill, the Captain. He is very displeased to have taken him on and makes no secret of it to Kenway. Now head to the South toward the mast and crew. The crew is not very happy and when Kenway approaches them while he is getting some air one will come at him. Time to learn about fighting.

The fights go through Parrying, attacking, counter-attacking and disarming. After the fight with the sailors follow the captain, Samuel Smythe to the North. The two will have many words between each other.

A quick cutscene later and Kenway is on his way back to his cabin to retire for the day. Just head out of the Captain's quarters and down the stairs in front of you. Go on the down the stairs and over to the left. It will not take too long to reach his desk once again. A scene runs with him working on the coordinates and making his plans to search for the door.

Day 28
Smythe will come and talk with Kenway, telling him that things seem to be coming to a head. Time to do what can be done to deter the mutiny. Head over to the left side of the boat and walk over to the first set of stairs going up.

You will find a a pair of sailors there you can talk with. They will not say much at all. Just head on South into the galley where the rest of the sailors are. Talk with the first one you can, Louis Mills. He lays out what has been going on with the crew. After that little chat head over to right and talk with the next one. He has nothing for you. Head to the North out of the galley now. Talk with the sailor just outside of it. He will point you toward the Cook and the Doctor.

Head for the Cook to North. He explains that he has only heard the usual grievances about cut rations. He tells you to learn more you should talk with James. He is behind the cook, sitting on the barrel. Head around the crates to the left of the cook and over to James who is by the right-hand entrance to the galley. He will explain more of what is going on with the crew.

After the conversation head to the stern of the boat. It is time to gather some information on this whole matter. After a quick cutscene with the navigator there is more that needs to be learned. Head down the stern and into the lower deck. At the bottom of the stairs turn to the right. Kenway will hear the men talking about him. Just head to the South toward the bow. Once Kenway enters the green search area, activate Eagle Vision and look at the cargo on the right. It will reveal something odd. Head over to the now marked box and open it up. Kenway will learn something but will largely keep quite as to what it is. Head back to your cabin to finish the day and move onto the next event.

Day 33
After it is apparent that the sailors have been leaving markers it is time for things to properly come to a head. There is a lot of tension around and Captain Smythe will direct Kenway below deck. Here he will encounter Mills. He makes it clear that he is opposing Kenway and means to pay him back for the affront at the Opera House to his Order. He give Kenway a sword and the two make to duel. This is the final tutorial in armed combat. You fight him through using counters to chip his life down. Counter and use either the throw or the disarm. Disarming generally will do more damage. Just keep at it until Kenway finishes off Mills. You must take the time to smash Mills into all the barrels in order to finish the fight. Once that is done, he will finally go down.

With the fight finished it is time to head on to staying alive. After another cutscene with Smythe it is time to keep alive. Head over to the left and secure the rigging on the left side of the stern of the ship. Turn to the North after that and head to the next marker. Get over to the right and adjust the rigging. Now head down the stairs and to the center of the ship on the left. Adjust the rigging there.

Smythe will now send Kenway to the foremast to loose it and James to the main mast. Dash to the fore of the ship and climb up either roping. Once at the top climb onto the mast itself and head over to the right. Get the point on the far end of the beam to loose the sail. A cutscene will ensue and James will be hanging on very wet rope. You have a total of 40 seconds to rescue him. Just head forward along the downed mast. Just run forward and it will lead you right to James. After that, just wait for the cutscene.

On the other side, head on up to the deck. Head to the bow of the ship. Now just head to the foremast. Smythe said the truth could be seen from the crow's nest. Just start climbing up from there. Eventually you will make it to the top. Once there you will finally make it through the opening of the game and onto Sequence 2.