Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 31 – Sequence 6: The Angry Chef

Optional Objectives
Limit time in a single session of Open Conflict to 15 seconds
Limit Chapheau's health loss to less than 50%
Perform 5 Low Profile Assassinations

Chapheau is furious with the British now. Make sure that Connor has the Hidden Blade equipped, it is your best friend for this mission to get all the Optional Objectives completed. Follow him around the first corner and you will notice 2 red coats just ahead. Go behind the farther one and wait for Chapheau to draw their attention. Quickly assassinate them one after the other. Done quickly enough Chapheau will not even enter conflict.

Follow Chapheau as he moves forward to his next targets. No time for looting the bodies this round. Move to the end of the street that you are on then turn to the right. Chapheau will not be long to follow. At the next corner you will see some Red Coats being attacked by the crowd, there is no need to worry about them. It is through the gate to the left that you will find more that Chapheau will agitate. Head to ahead of Chapheau to the left. There you will find another pair of red coats to kill. Once again, creep up behind the first one, assassinate them then kill the other quickly.

Follow Chapheau around the next corner to the right. You can see the group ahead. This is the trickiest one to do in less than 15 seconds. The good news is there was just a checkpoint so you can reset the memory to here. It is best to run ahead of Chapheau, position Connor between 2 of the Red Coats (a Regular and a Grendadier), then, when Chapheau agitates them, you can easily perform a quick pair of assassinations. Now deal with the 2 remaining red coats quickly. The regular can be counter killed without any difficulty and the grenadier is likely occupied with Chapheau, making him an easy target.

Now head through the alleyway and cut to the left of the tree by its exit. Look to the left and you will see a patrol coming your direction. Attack and assassinate as many of them as possible or Chapheau will start a fight with the whole group by shoving one. Now turn to the left and follow him once again.

Head down the next alleyway and keep an eye in front of you. There will be another pair of Red Coats waiting down this path. When you hear Chapheau start shouting, attack them immediately. One will be assassinated and you can get the drop on the second, making it a simple kill.

Now, use the recruit function to send Chapheau to kill the man who works for Johnson. This will complete this segment of memory and officially gain your first recruit. Now it is time to move onto the next mission.