Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part  29– Sequence 6: On Johnson's Trail

The scene starts with Achilles giving Connor the Rope Dart. He explains its origins within the order from Shao Jun, the final assassin to reach Ezio Auditore and talk with him. Before things get too far, turn around and head back into the manor. There you will find a mission from Achilles. It is very important to start this early as it takes most of the game to complete. He will give you the quest, “Encyclopedia of the Common Man”. This is important as this quest just needs to be started to clear the way for others the Achilles will offer later.

With that sorted, it is time to start off from the homestead and pick up one more mission, “The Silent Hunter.” This is very useful simple to learn more about using the Rope Darts and getting a lot of use out of them. With those 2 quests started/out of the way, head off from Davenport toward the Frontier. That or simply opt to use Fast Travel to get to Boston.

Once in Boston, head to the Southeast to reach the starting point of the mission. It is a good idea to use some time to explore Boston to get a feel for the city and to get a number of view points synchronized. Once that is done, approach the starting point to find Samuel Adams talking with Paul Revere. Once that conversation is over, if you wish to listen to it, then interact with Samuel to trigger the next sequence of events.

Optional Objective:
Stay below Notoriety 2

Connor and Sam will walk the streets and talk with Samuel Adams. Once the cinematic runs, get into the fray and help out the frenchman who is fighting the guards alone. It is not hard to take down the 4 guards especially with a killing streak or some creative use of the musket.

Until stated otherwise, leave the tax collectors alone. This will only increase Connor's notoriety and this is tricky enough without doing that.

Once the fight is over, things will vary depending on what notoriety was built up during it. If you hit level 1 then look for a wanted poster and tear it down. After that, just start heading to the West, weaving through the buildings toward the meeting place. The most direct way in is blocked by a patrol. So go around the building to the right then return toward your course. If you want to make this easier, then call your horse and ride it through the streets. Get to the meeting place and head in. After the cutscene the first optional objective is completed. The stage is now set for Connor to set off to stop the man smuggling in tea to prevent his land from being bought.