Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough Part 22 – Sequence 5: Achilles' Errand

Ratonhnhake:ton will begin this mission recounting the training that he had been receiving under Achilles. Head on up the stairs and turn to the left and head toward the front door. Head down the path in front of you to the road and turn left to find Achilles. He tells Ratonhnhake:ton he will be doing something about the house and tells him to get in.

Once again it is time to follow Achilles. Ratonhnhake:ton will go on about the sights, sounds and smells of the city. Stay with him until the cutscene begins. That is when things will start to get more interesting. This is where Ratonhnhake:ton is given his English Name: Connor. Now head to the marker by whatever route you would like. It is the general store where Benjamin Franklin makes his base of operations. A quick cutscene happens here. Then it is time to head on out of the store.

Head to the right along the road and turn onto the main street to the right. You will find Achilles there waiting. Talk with him and the two will be setting off to find out just what is stirring up all this unrest. Connor and Achilles head off toward the center of the unrest. After the cutscene runs then it is time for you to start working at something.

Haytham is found inside the crowd and working with this person. Now it is time to tail the suspicious man. Head over to the left and move from crowd to crowd. The first blending opportunity is to the right of the entrance with the shouting people there. Remember to always go through where the crowd is thickest and you should have very little trouble keeping a safe distance from your target. He will pause for the first time and talk with a person on the left just after the first major crowd. Be sure to head over to the right or where you can find and blend. Stay there until he starts moving.

When he turns down the alley to the left, wait a moment for him to move down it then break from the blend and head over to either corner of the alley. Watch which way he will go (to the left) then start down the alley and keep on him.

Now he will climb up a ladder. Wait for him to reach the top rung, hiding behind either of the nearby fences, then start up it. Once you make it up to the top you will find a countdown to lose him. Just make it to the crest of the house, and even walking you will have no problem. Just be sure to hide behind the chimney so you can easily watch what he is doing and not be seen yourself.

After all this, he will start to walk along the edge of the roof toward some goal. Move in behind him cautiously. You will have ten seconds to move in for an assassination. A cutscene will begin now where the Templars reveal their 2 pronged plan to Connor. Lee is opposite and fires a shot into the air. This does not go over well with the crowd below. Haytham will take a moment and point out Connor on the rooftop to send the soldiers after him. It is time to make an escape.

Optional Objective: Escape within 80 Seconds.
Head along the rooftop you are on and use the tree on the opposite side as a stepping stone to easily reach the next building. Just move quickly along the same edge of the building. It will not be long before Connor will have a change to dive into a hay cart. If that fails, find a way to jump into the ocean and just swim alongside the pier. It will not take long to break enough line of sight to break out of the chase sequence and let you resume something resembling normal play.

If you managed the escape and just want to finish this, you can simply exit the animus then return to it to find Connor much closer to his goal. If you want more of the experience then it is time to start carefully working your way back to the marker. Make your way carefully to the east, watching the radar and using the back alleys. Head over to the marker to find someone to help, Samuel Adams.