Assassin's Creed 3 – The Homestead: Myriam The Huntress

Level 2 (Sequence 6)
The White Trophy

You will find Myriam prowling the Southwestern part of the Homestead. There is a white-furred Cougar that she is hunting. Head forward into the search area. Head straight South to find the first clue. Ineract with it to reduce the search area. Turn to the West now and move into the now reduced search area. Just past the bushes in that direction you will find a log that holds the second clue. Now turn to the Southwest and look beyond the bush there. This will reveal the third clue. From there the cougar is revealed.

Start forward immediately onto the tree stump in front of you. This will put Connor on a Tree Running Course that will get him into a good position to take down the White Cougar. Chase it and Norris will apparently capture it inside the mine. Talk with him to set the final trap for the cougar. Myriam will wait outside while Connor heads in to lure the beast out. Be ready as once Connor approaches the cougar it will attack him. To avoid damage, you need to get the button press very quickly. Still, the outcome is the same with Myriam getting the lethal shot needed to kill the cougar.

Level 3 (Sequence 9)
Fool Me Once …
Head over to the marker for the mission. You will find Norris there instead of Myriam who is antagonizing over giving her the knife. Connor helps him buck up a little and promises to go over to Myriam with him. Head along the path and through the stream over to Myriam's. A cutscene runs with Norris nervously presenting her with the knife. She has to head out though to get a bale of furs. Connor offers to help.

Head to the East across the river to where the pack of wolves are. There are 3 total, you only need to kill one but taking out all of them is not too hard. Press on East from there to the next waypoint marker where you will meet Myriam again. She calls out because the surviving poacher came back to get even with Myriam. Use the Tree Running Course to get over to her in a hurry. It is from there you need to head over to the left, up onto the rocks, and set into a second tree course to run down and kill the poacher. This will finish out all of Myriam's missions and unlock the final items for her stockpile.