Assassin's Creed 3 – Liberation Missions (New York West) and Assassin Recruit

Liberation Missions:
    Assassin Recruit

Unlike the past games where the Recruits were found here and there, Recruits are unlocked as zones  are taken over to the Assassins from the Templars. You take over the districts by completing the Liberation Missions in each area. These are simple or challenging task that will repulse the Templars from the area.

Now York – West
Jamie Colley: Ambush
This works very similar to the trip mine that Connor has in his inventory. Instead of setting of an explosion though one of the Assassin Recruits will launch out of hiding at a nearby hostile enemy. You can set one ambush for each member in your brotherhood. These can be refunded by moving more than 70 meters away or standing within the circle and pressing “B”/“Circle”.

Burn Infected Blankets
There are 3 instances of these blankets spread throughout the area. All Connor needs to do is approach the blankets and light them on fire with the nearby lantern. One of them is within a restricted area so be careful, though there are no guards nearby to enforce it. The first 2 instances are in the Northeastern and Northwestern corners of West New York. The final instance is along the Eastern side close to the outer central part of the area.

Put Down Rabid Dogs
This is most easily done using Poison Darts to ensure that you do not have to fight the dog itself. These are found along the Western side of the area. It will also stop any nearby patrols from immediately noticing Connor or connecting him with the rapid dog's death. These are all guard dogs so it better, by far, not to alert them to your presence.

Carry Sick Civilian
You must find these 3 civilians, who are in the central area of Western New York, and bring them to the makeshift clinic so they can get some treatment for the small poxes. From there take them to your Contact as he is helping the Doctors to inoculate those they can to save their lives.

Protect the Clinic
This have gone from good to worse here. Select the new ambush ability from the Assassin Recruit menu and have it ready. Head to the center of Clinic. Once there, place ambushes to the North, South and West. These thoroughfares are marked by powder kegs. This gives you the one time option to explode the powder keg with a well placed shot to eliminate the larger group of soldiers quickly. It is an easy fight with the use of the Ambush ability. This will earn you a new Assassin Recruit.