Assassin's Creed 3 – Hunting Guide Part 2

Prime Regions
Animal Weaknesses

Previously it was discussed how to get a quality kill and a review of the hunting mechanics in the game. Now it is time to focus on where to find the different animals and the specifics of killing them easily and efficiently as well as what rewards are offered from the different animals.

Prime Regions
While 4 animal types can be found in all regions there some places that are better to find them easily. This gives a basic list of what animals are found in which region. The sole exception to this is the Davenport Homestead which has 7 animal types in it.

Black Creek – Beaver, Bobcat, Elk, Hare
Kanien:keh – Cougar, Deer, Fox, Hare
John's Town – Bear, Elk, Fox, Hare
Valley Forge – Beaver, Elk, Hare, Raccoon
Concord – Beaver, Deer, Hare, Raccoon
Monmouth – Elk, Fox, Hare, Raccoon
Davenport Homestead – Beaver, Deer, Elk, Fox, Hare, Raccoon, Wolf
Diamond Basin – Beaver, Cougar, Deer, Wolf
Great Piece Hills – Bobcat, Elk, Hare, Wolf
Packanack – Bear, Beaver, Bobcat, Wolf
Scotch Plains – Cougar, Deer, Hare, Raccoon
Troy's Woods – Deer, Elk, Hare, Wolf
Lexington – Deer, Fox, Hare, Raccoon

Animal Weaknesses
If you are to hunt something it helps to know what to bring for what animal or how to handle the approach on them.

Bear – Bait, Air Assassination

Beaver – Bait, Snares, Very slow

Bobcat – Bait, Snare, Poison Darts

Cougar – Bait, Poison Darts

Deer – Bait, Blind Spot

Elk – Bait, Air Assassination, Blind Spot

Fox – Bait, Snares

Hare – Bait, Snares, Blind Spot

Raccoon – Bait, Snares, Blind Spot

Wolf – Bait, Bow (must be stalking)

Bear – Bear Pelt: ₤240, Damaged Bear Pelt: ₤40, Bear Grease: ₤20, Bear Claws: ₤10

Beaver – Beaver Pelt: ₤240, Castoreum: ₤30, Damaged Beaver Pelt: ₤12, Beaver Teeth: ₤10

Bobcat – Bobat Pelt ₤70, Bobcat Claws: ₤10, Damage Bobcat Pelt: ₤4

Cougar – Cougar Pelt: ₤90, Cougar Fangs: ₤10, Damaged Cougar Pelt: ₤4

Deer – Deer Pelt: ₤120, Venison: ₤40, Damaged Deer Pelt: ₤10, Deer Heart: ₤10, Deer Tail: ₤6,  Deer Marrow: ₤4

Elk – Elk Pelt: ₤140, Elk Meat: ₤60, Elk Antlers: ₤20, Damaged Elk Pelt: ₤16 Elk Heart: ₤10,

Fox – Fox Pelt: ₤100,  Fox Tail: ₤20, Damaged Fox Pelt: ₤12

Hare – Hare Pelt: ₤30, Rabbit's Foot: ₤4, Damaged Hare Pelt: ₤4

Raccoon – Raccoon Pelt: ₤60, Damaged Raccoon Pelt: ₤2

Wolf – Wolf Pelt: ₤100, Wolf Fangs: ₤10, Damaged Wolf Pelt: ₤10